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Strasbourg, 2018. szeptember 11. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök felszólal az Európai Parlament vitáján 2018. szeptember 11-én. MTI Fotó: Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda / Szecsõdi Balázs

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, in a European parliamentary debate in Strasbourg on Tuesday, said: “The problem with Hungarians who vote against their own country is that they hate me more than they love their country.”

Reacting to liberal EP group leader Guy Verhofstadt’s address in a debate on a report criticising the state of the rule of law in Hungary and calling for the launch of the Article 7 procedure which suspends a member state’s rights, Orbán said the MEP “hates conservative Christians more than he loves Europe”.

Verhofstadt had said that Hungary would not be accepted into the European Union today and that the criticisms laid out in the report prepared by the EP’s civil liberties committee were directed exclusively at Hungary’s government.

“Anyone who says that the report doesn’t condemn Hungary should read its title,” Orbán said. “It’s not about condemning the Hungarian government but Hungary”.

Orbán also issued a rebuttal to Manfred Weber, group leader of the European People’s Party, who had said launching the Article 7 procedure could be warranted if Hungary refuses to address the EU’s concerns in ongoing disputes. Weber brought up the issue of Budapest’s Central European University (CEU) and Hungary’s amended higher education law, underlining the importance of academic freedom.

Orbán said Weber was wrong concerning the CEU issue, arguing that Bavaria had stricter higher education laws than Hungary. “You’re applying double standards, despite the fact that we belong to the same political family,” Orbán told Weber.

The prime minister encouraged MEPs to check the CEU’s website, which he said declares that the university’s future was secure and that all students enrolled there will be able to complete their studies in Budapest.

Orbán also said that the issue of migration was not a partisan one, adding that he was ready to cooperate with all governments that are committed to protecting the EU’s borders.

As regards the issue of anti-Semitism, Orbán said it was on the decline in central Europe but rising in western Europe. “In fact, the centre of modern anti-Semitism is in Brussels, because that’s where they’re supporting anti-Israel organisations from,” the prime minister argued.

“It wasn’t us, but you who laid a wreath at the statue of [Karl] Marx, the father of modern anti-market anti-Semitism,” he told MEPs.

Addressing allegations of corruption, Orbán said all tenders in Hungary were public and any European company was free to bid for them.

In his closing remarks, Orbán said that as a member of the EPP, he believed that “we’re in trouble, we’re weak.”

“We in the EPP aren’t strong enough to walk our own path. We’re dancing to the tune of the liberals and the Socialists. I would like it if we could change this in the future,” he said.

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  1. This is from the UK. Stand up for your rights Hungary. Do not be bullied by an undemocratic EU. We will have Brexit I hope we soon read about an Hunexit.

  2. When Brexit happened, i was in doubt, but now i can understand it’s reasons.
    Hungary are being blackmailed by demagoges politicians, that have more concerns about “refugees” (muslims for example), than his own people, the people that they should represent.
    Bunch of demagoges, you make me sick.

  3. And i hope for an ITAEXIT as soon as possible. Salvini my only Leader – Don’t give up to UE Mister Orban

  4. EU membership comes with rights and duties. Those countries, which consider they only have rights, can start packing their things. This time is over. The Brits are gone, next are the Poles and the Hungarians. Poutine awaits you with wide open arms….

  5. I am from Serbia, for all you there, Hungary knows the best in how imigration change the country, as part of Serbia was once part of Hungary, but it become Serbia because of imigration of Serbs from the parts of the country that was occupied by Otoman empire .

    Europe elitist wants to destroy all countries and to create one EU coutnry, with a glue of imigrants spreyed all over the EU , and with their sharia law as a intimidation force against non-muslims and non-believers .

    Feminist and liberals are used as a tool for that quest, but the LGBTQ are the ones that will be totally purged , when sharia law become state law .

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