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Budapest, 2018. október 4. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök beszédet mond a Hagyományok Háza székhelye, a felújított Budai Vigadó átadásán 2018. október 4-én. MTI Fotó: Máthé Zoltán

Addressing the inauguration of the revamped Budai Vigadó cultural centre in Budapest’s first district on Thursday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said it was Europe, not Hungary, that was locked in a culture war.

“This European culture war is the fight for our own culture,” the prime minister said.

“Sometimes I hear that there’s a culture war going on in Hungary,” Orbán said. “I suspect that the jostling for position and the debates in the papers between the various cultural philosophies are a part of the natural order of modern life.”

Orbán said the cultural situation in Hungary could better be described as “culture peace”.

“Soon there will be total agreement that our future has to be built on family, labour and the reunification of the nation,” Orbán said.

He said Europeans respect other cultures and their representatives, but “no one can force us to take this as the relinquishment of our own culture and submission to another culture”.

“In our own land — and this applies to both Europe and Hungary — we wish to live according to the rules and values of our own culture,” the prime minister said.

He argued that if Hungary’s historical and cultural foundations disappeared, “if we let them replace the cultural subsoil”, Europe would “collapse like a house of cards”.

Hungarians can feel this danger, he said. “So we’ll stand up and declare who we are and our beliefs about God, the homeland and family and the impact Hungarians believe this has on European life,” Orbán said. “If we don’t, we’ll fall victim to a creeping pan-European cultural self-renunciation.”

He said a country’s future was determined not just by its economic and military strength and political influence but also by its “cultural performance”.

Orbán argued that every forint spent on culture was an “investment in a Hungarian and Christian, in other words, a European future”.

Orbán said the government had spent 7.5 billion forints (EUR 23.2m) on renovating the Budai Vigadó, which serves as the headquarters of the Hungarian Heritage House.

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The only potential room for maneuver in Islam is made by Muslims themselves, because they themselves determine to what extent they want to follow Islam. The biggest difference with Christianity and Judaism is that Islam demands full control over all aspects of society and everyone’s life also that of people who think differently and non-believers. The authority of Islam is universal and absolute, so that a secular worldview with other laws and rules by definition is in conflict with the obligatory purpose of every Muslim by Allah, namely everywhere and always spread and impose Islam, including the Sharia, if necessary by means of coercion and violence. Sharia is inextricably linked to Islam, according to Mirzo, and determines the life of every Muslim to the smallest detail, whether it be dress codes, food orders or even rules for going to the toilet. Discussions about and other interpretations of the Qur’an and the Sharia are strictly prohibited, contrary to the Bible. It is not permissible for anyone to change anything about the Qur’an or to interpret the texts in any other way. Criticism is synonymous with blasphemy and that may and must be punished with death in Islam. The Sharia is therefore in Islam above all other, secular (land) laws. Western Islam enthusiasts often point to verses from which it appears that Islam is indeed a peaceful religion but ‘forget’ that in the Quran the principle is that in the case of contradiction the later verses in the book override the earlier. Let the calls and orders for murder and violence against unbelievers now stand just in the last parts of the Qur’an, with the result that the earlier peace-loving texts have lapsed. Muslim clergy often give a twist by claiming that the violence is only permitted in ‘self-defense’. What in the West, however, is not understood that ‘self-defense’ in Islam is something very different than we understand it. Every aggressive action of coercion and violence against unbelievers, according to Islam, is ‘self-defense’, because non-Muslims are by definition seen as enemies that automatically threaten Islam, no matter how understanding and peaceful those unbelievers may be. Mirzo therefore states that Islam is a deeply intolerant religion, also against the few reform-minded Muslims. Freedom of expression and freedom of religion are therefore impossible in a society that is dominated by Islam. In many Qur’anic verses, persecuting, raping, murdering and enforcing the slavery of unbelievers is legitimized and even ordered, only because the victims are non-Muslims and / or refuse to convert to Islam. Worse still: if a Muslim loses his life when blowing up, shooting, falling over or stabbing death of unbelievers, who according to the Qur’an are nothing but beasts, only in this case will he be granted immediate access to paradise by Allah. The murder in Holland on Theo van Gogh and the massacre in the office of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo are just two of the now hundreds of examples of Sharia legitimized violence against the ‘enemies of Islam’, so by definition all unbelievable people, but especially those who openly criticize religion, Mohammed or Muslims. Mirzo therefore wants the taboo on the discussion of the violence-glorifying Qur’an to be lifted as quickly as possible and that reform-minded Muslims and other critics are no longer outlawed. The former Muslim woman points out that the Sharia has long arrived in Europe in a subtle way and is being introduced step by step for example by specifically certifying ‘halal’ food, allowing certain slaughter rituals, and also intimidating Muslim girls at school because they do not wear a headscarf or have a Western friend and therefore behave ‘Haram’. If a Muslim person refuses to shake hands with a man, it is Sharia. 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In Europe this is to form a majority within a few decades, so that Islam and Sharia can also be imposed on the indigenous population in a ‘democratic’ way. About the title of her book ‘Only a bad Muslim is a good Muslim’, Mirzo says that in Islam the only ‘good’ Muslim is a Koran-loyal Muslim who follows Sharia as much as possible and rejects Western norms and values because they are incompatible with the Islam. In the eyes of such a ‘good’ Muslim, a Muslim who wants to integrate and who does not want to impose his belief system on those who think differently is a ‘bad’ Muslim, especially if that Muslim also accepts certain parts of the Western system. For Europe, therefore, only these ‘bad’ Muslims are acceptable and integrated. Unfortunately, this concerns a small minority that is also seen by the others as ‘traitors of Islam’. Billions have already been spent on integration projects, with hardly any lasting results. It is the great majority of ‘good’ Muslims who are becoming increasingly threatening because they refuse to integrate and turn away from the freedom of expression and our democratic values. History shows that wherever this group exceeds 10% the problems really start. With an unchanged policy, our future is called ‘Islam’. Let that percentage now be reached in almost all of Western Europe and have been more than exceeded if we also include second and third generation Muslim migrants. As a result of the mass immigration policy of the EU, this group will grow much faster in the coming years with all the consequences for our future and those of our (grand) children. If this policy is not radically overturned and reversed, that future can be summed up with one word: Islam.
    Thank you for your attention! Sander Driessen from Holland.

  2. Hungary already had one Islamic Invasion, in the past, and it was devastating, Hungary said never again…

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