Madrid (MTI) – A vast majority of Europeans support the Hungarian government’s measures regarding the migrant crisis, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told reporters before a European People’s Party congress in Madrid on Wednesday.

Orbán said Schengen is an asset that must be protected and stressed that his government was unlikely to open Hungary’s “green” border with Croatia since its goal is to turn back migrants. The prime minister argued that the migrant crisis could potentially destroy Europe.

Orbán said the crisis could tear Europe apart and Hungary wants to protect Europe. He added that Hungary must also observe international treaties. The prime minister said that since Europe is based on the rule of law, failure to observe the rules would lead to chaos.

Asked why he wanted to protect Europe whereas it apparently did not want protection, Orbán said he was certain that the majority of people did not like what was happening and this was true not only for Hungarians but for Europeans, too.

He told Croatian state television that Hungary respects the Croatian people and the country’s elected leaders and it continues to strive for good relations with that country.

The EPP congress will address the migration crisis in Europe as one of its focus points on the agenda.

Photo: MTI


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