Madrid, October 22 (MTI) – There is no solution to the migrant crisis without Serbia, which has gained in importance over the past few months, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told public news channel M1 late on Wednesday.

Orbán, who is attending a European People’s Party congress in Madrid, held separate talks with his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic earlier in the day.

While the Balkan countries are witnessing various types of disorders, Serbia has become the region’s most stable country based on a stable leadership, he said.

Orbán stressed the need to make it clear that the European Union takes Serbia’s quest for membership earnestly.

“The migrant crisis has demonstrated that if we want to defend ourselves from such phenomena, Serbia should be let closer to, and integrated into, the European Union,” he said.

“Due to both our good neighbourly relations and national interests, Hungary will support Serbia in Brussels,” Orbán said.

Photo: MTI


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