Budapest, November 20 (MTI) – National solutions are needed to tackle the issue of illegal migration rather than a European solution, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday.

Orban told public radio Kossuth that “the need for a European solution” is “miracle blah-blah” because the European solution would inevitably be the sum of member states’ solutions.

The time has come to ask some basic questions about the EU, the prime minister said. It may be necessary to review he basic treaties that established the EU, Orban added.

The Schengen treaty needs to be corrected because some countries keep the regulations but others such as Greece do not, he said. “Hungarians don’t like belonging to an international treaty that some members rigorously and orderly respect but others neglect.”

Commenting on the compulsory quotas for distributing migrants, he said the Hungarian position is that the quota system must be disabled because it would spread terrorism in Europe. He added, however, that Hungary is not in a winning position on this issue because the other side stubbornly insists in “unrealistic positions.”

He said a large proportion of migrants originate from countries that are at war with the EU. “The enemy’s idea to send over divergent group to carry out attacks in the hinterland is as old as war itself,” he added.

Orban said the gap between European leaders who deny the links between terrorism and migration and the common sense of European people is widening and this is destabilising the continent.

“Telling the truth should never be allowed to become the privilege of radicals,” he said.

Commenting on the national security situation, he said Hungary is not among the terrorists’ targets for the time being.

In response to a question about the expulsion of migrants from western Europe, he said Hungary is currently not under direct threat of having to take in expelled migrants.

Orban argued that the expelled migrants should be transferred to Greece because that is where they first entered the European Union. Large capacity camps should be set up there, he said. The migrants should be taken back to these camps and kept under control until the situation in the countries they came from is settled, he added.

In some cases, they should be taken back to the countries where they came from “without a second thought”, he said citing Pakistan, which he described as a “nuclear superpower” with great many people living in poverty in an “extremely rich country”.

Commenting on the European Commission’s infringement procedure in connection with the planned expansion of the Paks nuclear power station, Orban said it is in Hungary’s basic interest to operate and expand the Paks nuclear power station because electricity prices would sharply rise without Paks.

“Cheap electricity equals Paks”, he said and added that we will continue moving forward.”

“The operation of Paks is the number one precondition for cheap electricity in Hungary,” he said. The Hungarian government will carry out the Paks investment, he added.

He also said that in the recent period, no nuclear power station project was subject to a tender procedure in Europe, for instance, in Finland.

“One could again mention the double standards but I would rather not moan and instead accept that a large amount of money is at stake,” he said. Many European countries would like to participate in this business and the EU is protecting their interests, he said, adding that “where there is meat, there are also flies”.

Commenting on the Constitutional Court decision to annul parts of the law on compensating the victims of failed brokerage Quaestor, he said a detailed system of settlement needs to be prepared instead of general compensation. A group of lawyers is already at work in the Justice Ministry to translate the top court’s decision into a solution and prepare the detailed settlement system, Orban said.

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    Dear Prime Minister !

    Like so many other Hungarians, I have been GREATLY impressed with your statesmanship in what has been the greatest crisis to affect Hungary since 1956.

    I agree with your conclusion that the E.U. has probably approached a major ‘turning point’ and – in all likelihood – will shortly undergo huge changes.

    The issue of illegal migration is NOT something which should be decided by UNELECTED and FACELESS bureaucrats in Brussels, nor by leaders of certain Western European nations who have made ENORMOUS DECISIONS (that will affect all of Europe for generations to come) WITHOUT consulting the people !

    It is time – honoured Prime Minister – to take this ENTIRE issue to the Hungarian people in a BINDING REFERENDUM.

    Let Hungary show the rest of Europe HOW to manage this crisis – in a DEMOCRATIC WAY, listening first & foremost to the wishes of the electors.

    IF the majority of Hungarians say ‘NO’ to accepting a quota system mandated by a decision CONTRARY to E.U. parliamentary rules (i.e. ‘majority’ as opposed to ‘unanimous decision’), then there is really nothing more to discuss with the E.U. about the issue.

    In fact, the probability is that once Hungarians have made such a decision – which I have no doubt whatsoever they would, especially in light of recent events in Paris & other terrorist acts – then ALL the people of Europe would DEMAND their leaders to also allow them to have a say.

    So – dear Prime Minister – please do NOT say that “Hungary is not in a winning position on this issue” !

    On the contrary, Hungary – because of your superb leadership – is best placed to lead the way forward.

    The rest is now up to you.

  2. I wish that you were the Prime Minister Polish.apologize for the Polish government. I’m ashamed as a Pole

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