Commenting on remarks by Martin Schulz, the German SPD’s candidate to become Chancellor, who said he would recommend stripping Hungary of its EU subsidies because of its policy on migrants, the government spokesman called on Schulz to stop trying to mix Hungary up with the German election campaign.

Zoltán Kovács said in a statement that the Hungarian government “most firmly rejects Martin Schulz’s declaration” made in an interview to Brussels-based news outlet Politico.

Schulz suggested that if Hungary did not take in migrants as part of the bloc’s quota system it should not receive EU funding.

Kovács said that Schulz should concentrate on his own domestic political problems rather than on Hungary given his three election losses over the past four months.

The spokesman said the Hungarian standpoint on illegal migration and EU cohesion funding had “nothing to do with each other”. These are two completely different systems that are independent of each other, he said, adding that linking them together amounted to “political blackmail” which Hungary would not countenance.


Source: MTI

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