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Pro-migration politicians in Brussels have continued their attacks against Hungary and Hungarian citizens, as demonstrated by Monday’s hearing at the General Affairs Council (GAC) of the European Union, MEP Tamás Deutsch said.

Deutsch called it bizarre that Judith Sargentini, one of the most openly pro-migration MEPs, will get a chance to voice her “baseless accusations” against Hungary which she already presented in a report named after her.

As all the attacks against Hungary, Monday’s hearing at the GAC is part of the campaign by pro-migration politicians in preparation for next year’s European parliamentary election, Deutsch said.

One of the strongest conflicts in the EU is the dispute between pro-migration and anti-migration forces, he added.

Over the past three years, Hungary has taken resolute and successful steps to stop the wave of mass migration towards Europe, Deutsch said. Hungarian people made a clear and unambiguous decision at a referendum that they reject the quotas for settling illegal migrants and at the spring elections they expressed that Hungary does not want to become an immigrant country, he added.

Deutsch said he believed these democratic decisions had triggered the efforts to pressurise Hungary, including the Sargentini report “with all its lies, oversights, falsehoods and baseless political accusations.”

Despite growing attempts to put pressure on Hungary, neither Hungarian citizens, nor the government and Hungarian MEPs in the European People’s Party will change their position opposing migration, he said.

Hungary rejects the translocation of migrants already in Europe and their distribution in line with any form of mandatory quota, as well as the EU taking away the right for border protection, the pro-migration efforts of a network of organisations affiliated to US billionaire George Soros, the UN migration package and the distribution of anonymous bank cards prepaid with EU monies to migrants, he added.

The continuing attacks against Hungarian citizens only highlight the significance of next May’s EP elections when all EU citizens will get a chance to express their opinion on migration and break the pro-migration majority in the EP, Deutsch said.

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  1. I wonder if Hungarians know what a “Punch & Judy Show” is…

    So here’s my Plan…2 dozen aspiring Hungarian Actors would put together a “Punch & Judy Players” Troupe, in which Guy Verhofstadt is “Punch”…Judith Sargentini is “Judy”…& the 2 report LIVE on reenacted terrorist Attacks by Migrants that have recently taken Place in the EU…with local Actors playing the Parts of Terrorists, Cops & Ambulance Drivers…All in the Streets of Budapest.

    The Reenactments in the Street would be announced in advance…& shown that Night on TV.

    In the Interest of Authenticity, 2 or 3 real Swedish, German, French & Belgian police Cars & police Uniforms would be needed.

    Besides regular Work for 2 dozen Hungarian Actors, Hungary would show its Solidarity with EU States that have espoused an Open Door immigration Policy while avoiding the escalating Costs of real Terrorist Attacks.

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