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Termalfurdo.hu invites you to enjoy the autumn atmosphere at the beautiful sunsets, and the colours of nature, while chilling in a hot watered pool. In order to be able to do that, the site collected some great thermal baths in the west of the country which await guests all year.

  1. Bükfürdő Health and Adventure Centre

A paradise, located at the Alps, for those wanting to have a rest, relax, chill down, and of course, bathe. The complex’s 33 pools, including thermal water, modern saunas, and a wellness centre are available for visitors who would like to get out of the crowded and noisy city life for a bit.


The thermal water of Bük became a certified medicinal thermal water in 1965: it contains more than 15 thousand mg/l minerals. Also, the steamy and half-opened thermal pools are open for guests to experience outdoor bathing throughout the whole year.

  1. Lake of Hévíz

The biggest biologically active natural thermal lake is regarded as a rarity in Europe and in the whole world. A unique microclimate surrounding the lake and its fantastic component structure makes Hévíz completely extraordinary. The location is a nature reserve, while the marsh, the cave and the lake are also protected natural rarities.


Moreover, the water is appropriate for curing chronic degenerative and inflammatory musculoskeletal diseases, chronic but not infectious intra-abdominal inflammation, some skin diseases, and it can help the rehabilitation of wounds. Besides, relaxing in such in an environment and atmosphere is good for releasing stress.

  1. Harkány

The Harkány Medicinal Spa and Beach Company is one of the most famous baths of Central Europe. It is not only the home of relaxing, refreshing, and healing treatments, but it hosts holistic therapies to help the guests finding their spiritual and physical harmony.


It was reconstructed in 2003 and ever since then the spa awaits visitors with a completely covered, a half-covered, and an outdoor medicinal pool to enable their healing process, even in the winter. Notably, November is a particularly great time to go there, because the staff is preparing real specialties: interesting fruity and flowery sauna infusions make the experience more remarkable.

  1. Sárvár

The main attractions of Sárvár are the two kinds of thermal water: one of them comes from 1200 metre depth and is of 43 C°, while the other has a temperature of 83 C° and arrives from a depth of 2000 metres.


The thermal water of the Spa and Wellness Centre of Sárvár is excellent for the treating of musculoskeletal diseases, rehabilitation, the aftercare of sports injuries, and the relaxation of muscles. The complex offers a great opportunity for outdoor bathing all year.

  1. Igal

The Igal Health Spa is one of the longest functioning baths of Southern Transdanubia, located only 40 km away from Lake Balaton. The medicinal thermal water contains a high dose of dissolved minerals, has a temperature of 81 C°, and starts its way up from 651 metres deep in the ground.


Amazingly, the beneficial effects of the water resulted in several complete healings that seemed hopeless before, recoveries from accidents and even childbirth. The spa has 2 Finnish and 2 infra saunas with 13 pools, including kids and thermal pools, all awaiting their lovely visitors.

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