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The family-run Zoo at Parádfürdő has been a popular destination among families and tourists. The zoo has been open since 2006, and now, after an outrageous theft attack, they are closing down – reported

Last week, we reported about adorable baby animals that were born this summer, and formerly about the new play park in the Budapest Zoo. This time, we are informing about a sad incident.

Due to a vicious act of theft, the life of the popular Parádfürdő Zoo has come to an end. The family-run business has been a significant and valued part of Parádfürdő since its opening. There were no spectacular wild animals, such as tigers or seals, but both locals and tourists truly loved the place. Their peacock has been a symbol of the city.

However, there were some ill-intentioned people who viciously stole animals from time to time from the zoo.

Owners had to realize several times that some of the animals were missing: on these occasions, thieves stole pheasants, grey partridges, teals and rabbits.


 The thieves seem to have had no respect for anything, as last time they stole everything from the Zoo.

„The mini-zoo is under liquidation thanks to the thieves who from time to time, on more occasions destroyed the wires, fences and stole the animals. Almost nothing has remained behind, except the old guinea-hen and the Japanese chickens” – the owners wrote on their Facebook page.

By today, the zoo has been entirely closed down. According to locals, the Zoo represented something unique, that was truly part of their town. Following the regular thefts, the owners tried to fight for their subsistence, but they got tired after the last incident.

It seems that something is really changing in people’s sentiment towards animals: the former appreciation seems to be gone, as it also turned out from the last Zoo-incident of the country.

 In May, a pregnant meerkat has been killed by a 5th-grader, which caused outrage in the entire country.


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