Baby gibbon Nyregyháza

This summer proved to be a very fruitful period regarding animal babies. Three animal babies were born, who helped to increase the No. of residents at the zoos of Győr, Debrecen and Nyíregyháza. Here are the adorable photos of the new-borns.

Albino kangaroo baby in Győr

The first animal baby of the summer was a little kangaroo in Zoo Győr (Xantus János Állatkert). The very special albino kangaroo came out of her mother’s pouch on the 4th of July, but it was probably born three months before that, reported RTL Klub.

Aliz Kiss, press officer of Zoo Győr, said that:

“Pregnancy lasts about one month in the case of kangaroos, but the babies are born very underdeveloped, so they usually immediately crawl into their mother’s pouch and spend a couple of months there.”

Tapir baby in Debrecen

Two weeks after the white kangaroo baby was discovered in Győr, a tapir baby was born in Debrecen Zoo & Amusement park. The tapir baby was born on 15 July, after a 13-month-long pregnancy, MTI reported. This is the third offspring of the zoo’s tapir couple. Tapirs have been included in the zoo’s animal rescue initiative since 2011.

Tapir baby animal

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Gibbon baby in Nyíregyháza

The most recent baby animal is a white-handed gibbon baby, who was born in Sóstó Zoo in August.

Gibbon baby animal

Press officer of Sóstó Zoo, Nyíregyháza told MTI:

“The fourth white-handed gibbon baby of the zoo’s gibbon couple was born in Nyíregyháza Zoo in August, and it spent nearly every minute clinging to the mother’s belly.”

Gibbon baby animal

Gibbons are very monogamous animals; the zoo’s gibbon couple has been together since 2007. The male gibbon was born in Hungary, and the female gibbon was transported from a Swedish Zoo within the framework of a European species rescue programme, reported.

The proud gibbon parent sang a duet at sunrise, as a way of signalling the borders of their living and eating habitat. Visitors and hotel guests could even hear the special duet in the morning.

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Source:;; MTI

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