Budapest, May 19 (MTI) – Over 12,000 migrants have entered Hungary illegally and were stopped at the border fence with Serbia since the beginning of this year, daily Magyar Nemzet said on Thursday.

Nearly 450 migrants request asylum each week in the two transit zones on the Hungary-Serbia border, at Röszke and Tompa, the paper said citing information from the immigration office. New asylum seekers arrive at the zones each day and replace the people who arrived on the previous day, the paper said.

According to official data, 442 asylum requests were submitted in the two zones in the first week of May, 435 in the previous week and 452 during the week that started on April 18.

Photo: MTI


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  1. Hungry is making a mistake by letting migrants into the country from Serbia. What will happen to them if the rest of EU refuses to accept them? Is it fair for the local tax payers to pick up the tab. Mr. Orban, the more migrants Hungary lets in the more will come. Can you guarantee the safety of your citizens in light of the crash of Air Egypt.

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