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Over 643,000 supported Minority SafePack in Hungary

Over 643,000 supported Minority SafePack in Hungary

A total of 643,791 in Hungary signed the Minority SafePack civic initiative for the protection of minorities throughout Europe, the secretary general of Rákóczi Foundation, which organised the collection of signatures in Hungary, said on Friday.

Some 385,623 signatures were collected on paper and 258,168 in electronic form, Csongor Csáky said after submitting the signatures to the National Election Office.

Hungary handled the initiative as a national issue and the collection of signatures was done with the involvement of churches, parties represented in parliament by a group, local governments, university students and many other well-meaning Hungarians, Csáky added.

Head of the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN) Lóránt Vincze said the initiative had received 1.32 million supporting signatures overall,

so the issue of indigenous minorities in Europe “cannot be swept under the carpet” anymore.

Source: MTi

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