According to, Annamaria Csurgai, one of the anesthetists leaving Szent Imre Hospital, spoke to several televisions about the reasons of her termination.

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As she said, on the one hand, the ward has run out of qualified and skillful nurses, so their work and the work of the doctors became increasingly difficult. The other reason is that they have run out of doctors. Thus, they could not safely perform their work – she explained.

She also spoke about that anesthetists, who in addition to their daily work assume duties several times a week, are frequently working continuously for 24 hours. The doctors and the nurses have become overburdened. Annamaria Csurgai underlined: it frequently happened that she could not go home to sleep for 6 nights in a week, and that even goes for 7-8 days for the young doctors.

According to the professional, there were seven full-time and three part-time doctors left in this department of the hospital, without residents.. So the statement of the institution’s management, according to which 15 doctors worked there, is not true, wrote.

Annamaria Csurgai denied the hospital’s statement about her having earned nearly one million forints. She said her salary had not been increased for two years, she got a gross HUF 509 thousand which is HUF 325 thousand in net, which was supplemented by the money for the duty. The nurses receive a HUF 130-140 thousand salary for 210-220 worked hours.

According to the Public Health Care Center and the State Secretary for Health, there is no need to intervene in the hospital to settle the situation.

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