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One million drink searches online in Hungary show that neither wine nor pálinka is the most sought-after holiday drink of Hungarians. The report also highlights how much we spend on drinks during the holidays when demand for alcoholic beverages triples. The original article can be found on Penzcentrum.

Looking at the top 10 searches in order, 360,000 out of 940,000 searches were for the following:

  1. Vodka
  2. Tatratea
  3. Whisky
  4. Pálinka
  5. Chivas Regal
  6. Beer
  7. Jack Daniel’s
  8. Champagne
  9. Captain Morgan
  10. Wine

Contrary to expectations, according to which Hungarians prefer wine during Christmas time, vodka was the most-searched alcoholic drink in Hungary in 2019.

Expanding on the vodka category, Gray Goose vodka topped the list with 15,710 searches, followed by Absolut vodka with 13,099 searches, and Beluga vodka ranked third with 12,651 searches.

Tatratea took second place, getting ahead of one of Hungary’s most famous drinks: palinka. Regarding the flavours of the popular Slovak liqueurs, the 52% alcohol, original flavour is the most popular in Hungary during the festive season.

Whiskey is in third place. The top 3 whiskeys in popularity are Chivas Regal with 27,273 searches, Jack Daniel’s with 25,175 searches, and Jim Beam with only 11,550 searches.


Pálinka only finished in fourth place. But not surprisingly, from the brands searched for, Fütyülős Pálinka got the highest number of searches – 10,130 to be exact. Bolyhos Pálinka placed second with 3,183 searches, and the third place went to Rézangyal Pálinka with 1,633 searches. In addition to the brands, fig flavour is worth mentioning because it was searched for the most among the pálinka flavours.

If you would like to know the origins of this famous Hungarian drink, you might want to read this article. And if you like cooking and are curious, here are three recipes that use pálinka as an ingredient.

Just barely making it to the top 10 most-searched drinks is wine. Surprisingly, looking at the category of wine, the Italian Monteverdi winery was searched for the most among wines with 3,304 searches, thanks to their strawberry wine. The Hungarian Bock Villány winery placed only second with 1,358 searches, while the third place goes to Hilltop with 465 searches.

In what prince range did Hungarians purchase drinks?

Of the 940,000 searches mentioned above, 76,501 users thought they would buy the products they wanted for Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

The average purchase value of the beverages sold in this way was 8,735 forints (~26 €). This includes high-end cognacs and cheap soft drinks.

Based on the above data, the varied taste and consumption patterns of the Hungarian population are clearly illustrated. It is worth checking the prices when purchasing, though, since the prices of the same product may vary greatly from one store to another.

And always remember to drink responsibly.

Source: penzcentrum.hu

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