Recently, many local governments of Budapest seem to be interested in rethinking parking regulations in their own districts. Many would like to regulate fees and establish privileges for district locals.

The parking system in Budapest needs to change according to the local government of District VI (Terézváros) Világgazdaság reports. The district argues that such a system is necessary which favours the locals. For example, specific parking spaces should only be allowed to be used by people who actually live in that district.

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The local government aims to enable people to park closer to their homes. This matter becomes especially important if the government decides to introduce the traffic jam tax, a proposal which has been in the air for years now.

Terézváros is not the only district which aims to overwrite the existing parking regulations. District IV and II also drew up plans for a new parking concept.

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Terézváros aims to discuss the matter with The General Assembly of Budapest. Everything regarding parking in Budapest is up to the General Assembly. They decide where the parking zones are, how much the fees are and on which days people need to pay for parking and on which ones they do not.

There are approximately 110,000 public domain parking spaces in Budapest. Out of these, 8,500 are owned by the city of Budapest, and the rest belongs to the separate districts (based on data from 2018). Of course, these are all parking spaces for which you need to pay if you want to use them.

The city made a HUF 1.95 billion profit out of parking fees in 2018.

Világgazdaság reached out to The General Assembly of Budapest for comment, but they have not responded yet.

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