Budapest, 2016. október 17. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök (középen, elöl, jobbra) az alaptörvény hetedik módosításának vitáját megnyitó expozéját tartja az Országgyûlés plenáris ülésén 2016. október 17-én. MTI Fotó: Bruzák Noémi

Budapest, October 17 (MTI) – A “new bloc” of supporters across party affiliations has emerged in Hungary since the Oct. 2 referendum, Minister Viktor Orbán said in parliament on Monday, introducing his new constitutional amendment on migrant quotas.

Orbán ViktorThis “new bloc” is broad, diverse and strong, because people feel that Hungary’s sovereignty is “again in danger”, he said. The bloc is moving towards endorsing a nation of a “Europe of nations” while it also strives to “keep Hungary a country of Hungarians”, he added.

A vast majority of Hungarians endorsed at a recent referendum the idea that each nation should be allowed to decide over its own future, he said, introducing the bill, which is the seventh amendment of Hungary’s Fundamental Law. Supporters of a Europe of nations want to retain Europe’s diversity, unlike advocates of a “united states of Europe”, who want to get rid of nations, Orbán said.

The emerging new bloc is neither right nor left-wing, it is simply Hungarian, Orbán said. Its goal is to express a basic need stemming from “the Hungarian soul” namely that “without our consent and agreement nobody can decide with whom and how we want to live”.

The current amendment declares a commitment to a “Europe of free nations and an alliance of countries, but not to an empire controlled from Brussels,” Orbán said, adding that the referendum created a broad spectrum of support for Hungary’s sovereignty, which is “now again in danger”. It is necessary to amend the constitution on this point as the referendum reached beyond the migration issue, it was about “our constitutional identity,” he said. The issue of constitutional identity is “perhaps the essence of our future debates with Brussels,” he added.

parliament-Hungary-vote-orbán-fideszHungarian history powerfully demonstrates that any nation with a worsened geopolitical situation can decline into being “simply a nationality”. He quoted 19th century Hungarian statesman Lajos Kossuth as saying that “We Hungarians want to remain a European nation and not a nationality in Europe”.

Hungary’s sovereignty is again facing a challenge from international voices who are motioning to eradicate nations, who see the world as a globally inclusive place, where borders disappear and “their dream is that the world, but at least Europe, should melt into one big mass, rooting out national cultures, languages, heritage and laws,” Orbán said.

He asked political parties in parliament to put their party political considerations aside and support his amendment proposal. He said he had to leave the debate to travel to Bavaria for a commemoration of Hungary’s 1956 revolution. In his absence the government would be represented by Justice Minister László Trócsányi in the debate, he said.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

  1. Hungarians are showing the way forward again ! and this “Spirit of the Free nations of Europe”‘ will grow for a much healthier EU, than at this present time !. Respect in dealings with the “individual nations” has always been – the only way to go !!
    Diverse historical cultures and characteristics, often painfully experienced, deserves the highest of human qualities in relationships; and I can not think of a better “quality” to assist in any process, but to Respect the views of another !
    Hungary is the light, and may others see the way !

    John H. Morton

  2. Hungary is showing its bad history again where they forgot humanity and supported the Nazis openly! Here we are in 2016 and that history is repeating itself in Hungary is loud and clear – modern day Nazis! Shame on you!

  3. Hungarians say they are a Christian country – Guess no one reads the bible! Humanity comes first before anything in Christianity and the country leaders should be shamed of their current Anti-Christian behaviour! Forget the EU but the real issue is humans dying in hunger, war and starvation! Shame on Hungarian politicians to use the word Christian in this debate!

  4. Viktor orban has forgotten that this country sent over 200000 Jews to the death camps and for a very similar ideology. It appears that nothing has changed and the same minds remain in 2016. Humanity is not a word widely expressed in Hungary it seems- scary!

  5. @Gerrard and Anonymous(The same folks)
    I figure you must have had history classes taught at Dumb-nuts school of Inbreds, when you talk about ‘anti-Christian behavior’ and ‘Hungary sending Jews or ZSIDOs to death camps’. Do yourself a favor and take a proper history course on Jews and Hungary before your flab your dumb uneducated mouth again, or someone will most certainly close it for you after you learn first hand of what you know nothing about.

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