Those, who think that this party distinguishes people based on race, religion or anything else, are by mistake members of the party  – Gábor Vona said. The party leader sent a message to anti-Roma and anti-Semitic members to find themselves a new party, said.

Gábor Vona was talking about it at a press conference held in the Parliament. The first man of the party called the victory of Lajos Rig (Jobbik) historic significant after the next day of the Tapolca elections.

No place for racists in Jobbik

Gabor Vona wants to do a people’s party process in Jobbik. According to Hir24, the politician said he assumed the responsibility for their own “wildings” and he would “trim them off”.

He sent a message to the anti-Semitic and anti-Roma members: Jobbik does not have and will not have any program which distinguishes people based on their race, religion or any other things. As he said, if someone would expect that, he/she was by mistake in the party. They told them to find another party.

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