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According to factor.hu, the woman inspector, a single mother, was left without job after a passenger broke her cheekbone. She does not understand why BKK (Budapest Transport Center) fired her.

The man, who beat the inspector, was sentenced to six years in prison. The injured woman does not understand why she got fired. Ildiko Palfi raises a child on her own, so she desperately needs a job. She worked on tram line 50 when she fined a man who did not have a ticket or a pass.

According to Ildiko, the man behaved normally at first, but when they stood at the bus stop he asked the inspector to give him the notes with his data. The inspector denied his request, so the man punched her in the face. After that she underwent an operation and also has psychological problems now: she has to take medications and she is afraid to be among people. After all this happened BKK sent her a letter stating that she is fired. The company does not want to pay any compensation, so the woman turned to the court.

Newspaper Bors asked BKK about the incident. The press office told the case was still in progress, and the company would act according to the court’s decision, factor.hu wrote.

Photo: alfahir.hu (illustration)

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Source: http://faktor.hu

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