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The perpetrators are presumably members of an opposing group called ‘Aryan Greens’, who, shortly after the rainbow flag was displayed at Ferencváros City Hall, took the flag of the LGBTQ community down on the evening of the 14 August and then trampled on it and set it on fire.

Yesterday, in the late evening of August 14, an entry was posted on the Facebook page of 888. According to the information of 444, the article was about the action of a group called ‘Aryan Greens’ who posted photos on their own Facebook page. From the pictures, it can be concluded that

the group took down the rainbow flag from the building of the Ferencváros municipality in Budapest, trampled on it, and then burned the flag.

They shared the pictures with the following text: „Ez a város…. Nem az a város… FERENCVÁROS !!!!!!!” which means “This city… is not that kind of city… it is Ferencváros!”. Mayor Krisztina Baranyi also reacted to this act of provocation on her Facebook profile.

Nagyon erős, nagyon bátor fiúk egy csoportja megtaposta és felgyújtotta a szivárványos zászlót, amelyet leloptak az…

Posted by Baranyi Krisztina on Saturday, August 15, 2020

Hvg also claims that the presumed perpetrators were members of an extremist group who boasted about their actions on Facebook. The Budapest Pride Parade is usually held around this time in the capital, but this year it is cancelled, though there will be a festival which will be conducted through alternative events, taking into consideration the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. Shame on the perpetrators. These people live in 21st C with the mindset of the time of Inquisition. Fundamentally, I’d bet they are sexually insecure and repressed people, precisely the way, for instance, many prominent Nazi, included Hitler, were. If you have a serene sexual life you do not bother about other people’s orientation.
    Live and let live.

  2. Mario, you talk about Hitler but you don’t mention the Islam and the Muslims. I know you as a homosexual leftist adore Muslims but you have to realize that they hate you more than anything else. Have you seen love parades in Mecca?? Islamic Estate did throw gays and lesbians from the highest building. I know you don’t want to believe it but It’s recorded, FInd it. LOL

  3. Total Agreement and unequivocally supportive to comments of Mario.
    Tolerance, if ever mankind needed to live & practice the meaning of this word – it is NOW.
    Stay Well – ALL – and together UNITED.

  4. Brasco, i am not omosexual. I am not Muslim either. Just for your info.
    To me, anyone who acts against other people’s rights, in this specific case for instance right of expression, is wrong, regardless of religion, nationality etc.
    And I really do not understand why others’ sexual orientation causes you so much distress.
    As I wrote: live and let live.
    I agree with Gary: tolerance is important, and we are living through difficult times, further divisions do not help.

  5. Do not allow your country to be destroyed by the lgbt freaks. There life style is theres but should not be allowed to corrupt childrens minds. Keep it in the closet.

  6. Andrew, in which way exactly do you believe LGBT pride “corrupts childrens minds”? Genuinely curious. Do you realise that being LGBT is biologically determined from birth and not a choice for anyone? Is there any actual cognitive reasoning behind your comment or are you just mindlessly parroting the vitriol you’ve been raised to believe? Personally, I often think that people who appear to believe that we can be “corrupted” to become LGBT are the most insecure with their own sexuality and seem to be projecting their own shame onto others. Seeing LGBT people proudly out of the closet makes you feel threatened, probably for a reason. I’m sorry that this is a problem for you.

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