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31,000 people have not found (or have not even tried to find) jobs in Hungary. Labour shortage has decreased significantly, but there are still 31,000 people who have not found (or have not even tried to find) jobs in Hungary. reports that based on data from KSH (published by, 26,000 people denounced and left their jobs in 2006, and only 18,500 in 2010 – due to the 2008 financial crisis. The number of people who were made redundant in 2010 (276,000) is more expressive compared to last year’s data (60,000).

Data about the educational attainment of unemployed people is also interesting: three out of ten only finished elementary school (8 grades). 8,000 people are looking for jobs as college graduates (between April and June), and 8,600 of unemployed people have a Master’s degree or a PhD. All this contradicts the announcement of László Palkovics (minister for innovation and technology) from the beginning of September. 

“Labour shortage for graduates does not exist in Hungary,” 

László Palkovics announced.  

unemployment in hungary

All data about the labour market shows, though, that the Hungarian economy performs well. The number of people who never worked was 57,500 in 2010, and it has decreased significantly to 27,600 by 2018. In 2006, 7,800 people gave up on their enterprises (or went bankrupt). Their number rose to 13,600 by 2010 and decreased to 3,400 by 2018.
We can observe a growing tendency in the number of public employees, thanks to the economic policy of the government. Public employment searched for 32,500 people in 2010 and only for 24,000 last year.

You can read more about the labour shortage in Hungary in the health care sector here and in the construction industry here


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  1. I am British in Szeged.
    Builders, carpenters, gardeners locksmith all were paid cash in hand and were not willing to give me the bill.
    So they do work but do not pay any tax. GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO CATCH PEOPLE LIKE THEM and prosecute.
    Anyone who do not pay tax, has no health insurance and no pension when they are say 65!Such people are digging a hole for themselves when they are old that is when they need a money, good pension.

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