china hungary flag reports that a letter of intent was signed by Bence Rétvári, Deputy Minister and Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of Human Capacities, and Vang Ku-csiang, Chinese Deputy Minister of National Health and Family Planning on Thursday (May 27). The letter included the establishment of a Centre for Traditional Chinese Healthcare, Education and Research in Budapest.

According to the site, Rétvári stated that the portfolio and the State Office of Traditional Chinese Medicine recorded the goals and tasks of their cooperation in a letter of intent back in February 2014. Now, Rétvári and Vang Kuo-csiang signed another letter in order to renew cooperation and expand it for the 2017-2018 era as well.

The letter includes the changing of the professionals, providing medical and healthcare services, education, training, scientific research, the development of the industry, cultural exchanging of views and the establishment of a Central and Eastern-European Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Education and Research, in Budapest.

Importantly for Hungary the traditional Chinese medicine should be present in the country within safe circumstances and with certified quality. There are already several universities in Hungary which provide courses for people who are willing to learn the traditional Chinese medicine.

In addtition, Vang Kuo-csiang, who is also the president of the State Office of Traditional Chinese Medicine said that the aim of his visit to Hungary was to make sure the 2014 agreement would be fulfilled and carried out, and to deepen the cooperation between the countries regarding the traditional Chinese medicine.

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