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Budapest, 2018. augusztus 14. Rádi Péter ügyvéd, a Nemzeti Választási Bizottság új elnöke (j) és Patyi András lemondott elnök a testület ülésén a Nemzeti Választási Iroda fõvárosi székházában 2018. augusztus 14-én. MTI Fotó: Máthé Zoltán

The National Election Committee (NVB) on Tuesday elected Péter Rádi as its new chair after András Patyi resigned the position.

András Paty
András Patyi, Photo: MTI

Patyi, who had served as the body’s chairman since its inception in 2013, told a meeting of the committee that he was resigning as its chairman effective immediately.

The 11 members of the 14-member body who were present at Tuesday’s meeting voted unanimously to relieve Patyi of his post.

National Election Committee (NVB) deputy head Éva Bozsóki recommended electing Rádi as Patyi’s successor.

Andrea Borbály, delegate of the conservative opposition Jobbik party and András Litresits of the Socialist Party argued that the committee was rushing the decision on Patyi’s successor.

They said the NVB should wait until all of its members can be present for a vote so that the next chair could enjoy the largest possible backing.

After accepting the nomination,

Rádi was elected head of the NVB with 8 votes in favour and 2 against.

Rádi, a lawyer, has been a member of the NVB since 2015. He has also served as a member of the election committee of Budapest’s 9th district.

Parliament elected the NVB’s seven members and three reserve members in 2013 for 9-year terms. Only members elected by parliament can head the committee.

As we wrote on July, the National Election Committee rejected two referendum initiatives, one on making the enforcement of two-thirds laws contingent on the approval of voters in a national referendum. The other concerned legalising cannabis consumption, read more HERE.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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