According to the myth, golf was invented by a bored Scottish shepherd in St. Andrews. He hit a stone with his crosier, and it landed in a hole dug by some animal, and voila: a new sport was born.

It is not a widely known fact, but there is a reason why a golf course consists of 18 holes. The original courses had 20-30 holes in St. Andrews. But the Scottish players always brought a bottle of whisky with them and took a huge sip after each successful hit. Usually, they ran out of whisky after the eighteenth hole, then they abandoned the game. That is why a golf course is 18 holes long today. The game became so popular that it had to be prohibited for a short period, because soldiers began to neglect practicing archery in favor of golf.

The Scottish town of St. Andrews serves as the Mecca of golf players. Though St. Andrews has the best golf field in the world, it is not necessary to travel to the snowy Highlands to hit their best golf ball. Here are some examples from Hungary concluded by where golf players of all levels, including low & mid-handicappers players, might gather.

Hungarian Golf Club – Kisoroszi

Hungarian Golf Club has the greatest playing yard, approximately 66 hectares large. It is a classical golf course with 18 holes, and it resides on the northern corner of the Szentendre Island, about 30 minutes driving from Budapest.

Old Lake Golf Club – Tata-Remeteségpuszta

The hotel in the neighborhood was owned by the noble Esterházy family. Playing in the neighborhood of this fancy hotel provides visitors with the advantage of the nice accommodation opportunities closeby.

Pannónia Golf & Country Club – Alcsútdoboz-Máriavölgy

The 300 meters long sand bunker is the specialty of the Pannónia Club’s golf course that was designed by Hans G. Erhardt and created by Jacob Cope.

Royal Balaton Golf Club – Balatonudvari

Lake Balaton, of course, cannot be left out. 3.5 hectares of artificial lakes provide an amazing terrain for playing. But the real peculiarity of this golf course is that it runs around a stone mine, providing quite a challenge for even experienced players.

Zala Springs Golf Resort – Zalacsány

Another traditional golf course with 18 holes, which is situated in an impressive environment of vineyards, environmental protection areas and lakes.

Birdland Golf & Country Club – Bükfürdő
Bükfürdő is a well-known leisure center in Central Europe, and also the home of the first internationally acclaimed golf course in Hungary. The advantage of this area is that, between two matches, players can easily rest in one of the wellness or bathing facilities nearby.

Boya Eagles Golf & Country Club – Vámospércs

This traditional golf course can be found 25 kilometers away from Debrecen. The authenticity of the golf course can be thanked to the designers, as they used the natural features and elements of the area that make now organic parts of the playing grounds.

Hencse National Golf & Country Club – Hencse

This club’s course is situated in a downright beautiful environment 80 kilometers south from Lake Balaton. The traditional golf course with 18 holes spreading throughout 90 hectares gained worldwide fame during the years.

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