dombárd killer caught by police
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24-year-old Nóri’s dead body was discovered in the backyard of the family’s house, with her partner, Csaba, nowhere to be found. Nóri left three orphans behind.

Nóri Deák’s body was found in a pool of blood, naked and with her head bashed in. Her partner, 23-year-old Csaba L. abused her on June 5th so brutally that she succumbed to her wounds, according to Bors. The man hid at a place of a relative.

According to Csaba’s mother, the man had caught Nóri with another man the week before, and it broke him, but she believes he never intended to kill his love.

Nóri has three children, two of which were taken from her right after birth, and Nóri’s mother, Éva raised the third.

Éva had sensed that Csaba was trouble when he had entered their lives two years ago; she felt he was a bad influence on her daughter.

“We told Nóri she should not bring the young man home here! He was disrespectful and aggressive!” Nóri’s sister, Dóri recalled. They begged her to leave him, as the man regularly abused her, Dóri added.

Csaba L. was the suspect of the crime, so the Investigation Department of the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Police Headquarters searched for the young man with an arrest warrant, Bors reported in another article.

Employees of the Dombrád Police Station of the Kisvárda Police Headquarters caught the man on June 7th at the house of a relative, where he had taken refuge after his crime.

The man admitted to the deed after the police had questioned him as a suspect of committing fatal bodily injury. He says he did what he did out of jealousy. He is now under arrest.


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  1. When talking about someone being deceased, do not put the word ‘dead’ in front of it. It sounds insensitive.
    ie: 24-year-old Nóri’s dead body, wrong.
    24-year-old Nóri’s body’

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