Hungary double murder Budapest
Photo: MTI/Mihádák Zoltán

The perpetrator, Krisztián Cs. (18), carried a pocketknife because he could not fight, but with the knife, he felt strong. He killed the 16-year-old László and the 21-year-old Gergely on Friday in Deák square, the downtown of Budapest. A young man also attacked by the gang led by the murderer is afraid to go out even today.

The young man said to that it still freaks him out if he thinks back on what the gang did with him before the stabbing. His bicycle blew a tire on the Deák square that night and as he was peacefully walking with his bicycle members of the gang appeared and demanded his phone. He git frightened but instead of giving it to them

he started quickening his pace

which is not too easy with a broken bicycle. Afterwards, the gang shouted and threatened him, so he grabbed his bike and started to run as fast as he could. They followed him, but then he crossed the street, and they remained on the other side. He saw the next day that the band stabbed two people to death that night, so he was very lucky.

The leader of the aggressive band, Krisztián, was not violent by accident. His mother was very poor and gave him and his four siblings to relatives who made fun of him and called him “Romanian dog.” Based on what a relative told, even a paedophile relative harassed him.

He added that the street raised the boy but he could not fight, so he carried a pocketknife with which he could feel powerful. According to him, his role model was also in the gang

so he killed the two young people to prove himself.

One of the victim’s grandmother does not even know when she can bury her grandson. She said that László (16) was a very good child and helped her in everything. Gergely is not only mourned by his family and friends but also by his girlfriend, Bogi. On that tragic night, she received an SMS from Gergely in which he said that he is already at home because he did not want the girl to worry about him. Therefore, Bogi was shocked when she heard that Gergely was stabbed to death since she thought her boyfriend was sleeping at home.

According to, friends of the two young men organise a commemoration on Deák square this Thursday at 7 pm. They will light a candle for László Matrinovics (16) and Gergely Khéli (21) sending a message for all criminals that they have no place in Budapest. They ask those who would like to join 

to come in a scarf or mask and bring a flower or a candle.



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  1. Hungarian justice protecting scumbag low life murders. Two young boy dead Hungarian justice system don,t care. They love wicked low life monsters. SHAME and shame on interior police minister also BRFK. Anybody normal there ??? 2 young boy dead. Anybody care…..Gipsy or Hungarian murder lock him up. But Hungarian Police and justice system is weak gyenge and defending wickeds. Gyenge korrupt magyar igazsagugyi rendszer. Gyenge rendorseg.

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