Budapest-Deák tér-késelés-gyilkosság-police-murder
Photo: MTI/Mihádák Zoltán

The police officers found the victims on the roadway. Nine people were arrested, and the 18-year-old perpetrator is currently under interrogation at the Department of Life Protection of the Budapest Metropolitan Police.

Officers were called to reports of a scuffle and stabbing in József Attila Street, near Deák Square, at around 3:30 a.m.

Police wrote that

the policemen arriving at the scene found a 16-year-old and a 21-year-old young man on the roadway who died from fatal stab injuries.

Photo: MTI/Mihádák Zoltán

The fight presumably took place between two groups. In connection with the case, officers arrested nine people and took them to the police headquarters of the capital’s 5th district. The 18-year-old Krisztián Cs., who was arrested at Nyugati Square, is in criminal custody as the alleged perpetrator.

Kiskunhalas murder
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  1. Time to reintroduce the death penalty for murder and rape of children.

  2. I like the “Department of Life Protection”. They are not going to protect the lives of the 2 people murdered. For the next 12 years they will be protecting the life of the murderer. In the EU there is no death sentence and the average life term for murder is about 12 years. Sad joke.

  3. Frank you forgot about the UK .

    Paulus, I like any public execution of murderers, pedophiles and rapist as long as there is no doubt the person executed actually committed the crime. especially when they are publicly dispatched by hanging. Saudi Arabian style beheadings are a little too gruesome for children to witness.

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