Budapest, March 17 (MTI) – Ruling party Fidesz stayed level in Ipsos’s March survey, capturing 21 percent of the electorate while radical nationalist Jobbik increased its support by two percentage points since February to 18 percent.

The Socialist Party added a point to stand at 12 percent, the Democratic Coalition captured 4 percent of the sample, LMP had 3 percent and Egyutt and Dialogue for Hungary 1 percent each.

The proportion of voters who would stay away from an election declined from 40 percent to 37 percent, Ipsos said in its report published on Tuesday.

Fidesz has around 1.7 million supporters, Jobbik 1.5 million and the Socialists 1 million.

Taking decided voters, support for Fidesz dropped to below 40 percent for the first time since the general election, to 37 percent. Jobbik, by contrast, increased its support in this camp to its highest showing, rising from 25 percent in a month to 28 percent. The Socialist Party maintained its core support at 19 percent.

The Democratic Coalition added a point to capture 7 percent of decided voters while LMP dropped a point to 4 percent. The other two parties had a single percent each.

The threshold for a party to win parliamentary mandates is 5 percent of votes cast on party lists in the election.


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