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Budapest, October 8 (MTI) – Less than half of Hungary’s electorate is likely to turn up to vote in Sunday’s local election, according to the latest poll by Median.

According to the survey published on Wednesday, the ruling Fidesz party maintains its stable lead, the Socialists have bled support and radical nationalist party Jobbik is riding high.

Across the country, 49 percent of voters said they would participate in the election, while in Budapest this proportion was 53 percent.

“Political affiliation has continued to grow stronger,” Median said, adding that compared with four years ago, more voters think it is important which side of the political divide a mayor is allied with.

The proportion of voters who are satisfied with the performance of the government dropped from 48 percent in April to 44 percent, according to the survey published by hvg.hu.

Fidesz has the trust of 37 percent of respondents overall, while 50 percent of decided voters say they would plump for the ruling alliance.

Jobbik has the support of 15 percent of the electorate and 21 percent of decided voters, according to Median’s latest reading, equal to its record showing in March.

Only 11 percent back the opposition Socialists, compared with 13-15 percent in the spring. Among committed voters, the Socialists have the support of 15 percent, Median found.

As far as the small parties are concerned, E-PM is the most popular, trailed by DK and LMP.

Fully 26 percent of Median’s sample said they were uncommitted to any party.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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