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POLL – Ruling parties keep lead

POLL – Ruling parties keep lead

The ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrats (KDNP) have maintained their lead among voters since the April 8 general election, a new poll by the Nézőpont Institute shows.

Of the whole electorate, 41 percent supports the ruling alliance, 11 percent radical nationalist Jobbik and 6 percent the Socialists. Leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) has 4 percent, green LMP 3 percent, the Momentum Movement 2 percent and the satirical Two-tailed Dog Party 1 percent.

Among decided voters, support for Fidesz-KDNP rose since the election to 52 percent. Jobbik garnered 19 percent, Socialists-Párbeszéd 10 percent, DK and LMP 6 percent each. Momentum got 4 percent and the Two-tailed Dog Party 2 percent of the vote.

In absolute numbers, over three million voters support Fidesz-KDNP and over two million the opposition, Nézőpont said.

Sixty seven percent of Jobbik supporters, 73 percent of Socialist and 75 percent of DK voters agreed with some opposition politicians who attributed their electoral defeat to “ill-informed” rural people. Sixty five percent of those asked, however, qualified this statement as “offensive to rural people”, the pollster said.

The poll was conducted between April 13 and 30 by personal query, on a sample of 2,000.

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Source: MTI

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