Vikto Orbán Prime Minister speech
Szirmabesenyõ, 2018. március 27. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök beszédet mond a mûanyag termékek elõállításával és forgalmazásával foglalkozó Ongropack Kft. szirmabesenyõi gyárának avatásán 2018. március 27-én. MTI Fotó: Czeglédi Zsolt

Fully 50 percent of voters support incumbent Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s reelection ahead of Sunday’s general election, a new poll by the Nézőpont Institute shows.

The opposition Socialist-Párbeszéd alliance’s prime ministerial candidate Gergely Karácsony had 13 percent of the vote, LMP’s Bernadett Szél had 8 percent, and Gábor Vona, head of people’s patriotic Jobbik, 7 percent.

Leftist Democratic Coalition leader Ferenc Gyurcsány is supported by 3 percent, and Gábor Fodor of the Liberals and the Momentum Movement’s András Fekete-Győr by 1 percent each, the pollster said.

The poll was requested by daily Magyar Idők. It was conducted between March 19-23 by phone, on a representative sample of 1,000 people, Nézőpont said.

For that matter, according to another recent survey,

the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance could win a “stable, strong majority” in the April 8 election,

participants in a conference attended by public opinion research institutes concluded.

According to the average of aggregated figures by all pollsters, the ruling parties could garner 51 percent of the votes, followed by radical nationalist Jobbik with 17 percent, the Socialist-Párbeszéd alliance with 14 percent, Democratic Coalition (DK) with 8 percent and LMP with 7 percent if the elections were held this weekend.

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  1. A Dutch political partij D66 in Brussels investigates the possibility to take away Hungary’s voting rights. These parties called themselves ‘democratic’ but they don’t know what the word democracy means. The European Union (EU) is concerned about democracy and the rule of law in Hungary. According to D66 europarliamentarian Sophie in ‘t Veld, sitting next to Belgium clown Guy Verhofstadt, Brussels should even consider denying Hungary the right to vote in the EU. She wants a kind of ‘inspection’ for EU countries with which, for example, Hungary can be punished if Prime Minister Viktor Orbán violates (their vision of) the rule of law. In a TV report Sophie in ‘t Veld, member of the Liberal ALDE group, denounced the’ undemocratic ‘Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who in her eyes was not expected to win the elections on 08.04.2018. She developed a plan for an annual ‘land rights test’ to check whether countries are democratic enough. If such a country really says we do not want to comply with the agreements then you can suspend a country. That is to deprive the right to vote. The same treatment threatened Poland at the end of 2017, which adopted laws that would jeopardize the rule of law. Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans already threatened with the notorious article 7 procedure, but that has not happened so far. For Hungary too, there is little chance that this will happen: even if the European Parliament approves the procedure, the European Council – the government leaders of the 28 Member States – still has to agree to this unanimously. On 08.04.2018 there are elections in Hungary; Viktor Orbán seems to be winning again. My family in Holland has already voted in favor of Fidesz! Sophie in t’ Veld said: In Hungary, the whole democracy is under enormous pressure. If you really want to you can deprive such a country of the right to vote. Yes Sophie, you may want to do this but the practice is different and indicates that you are wrong. No matter how hard you yell and cry. According to D66 the EU must intervene if countries do not stick to the agreements. In ‘t Veld thinks that the EU must be able to intervene if countries do not comply with the agreements on the reception of refugees, if they do not have independent justice or endanger democracy. She accuses Orbán of all these cases, as well as a far too harsh attitude towards the homeless: the blocking of Hungarian human rights activists, Orbán criminalized homelessness. Sophie, you are a fool to tell these lies. People who are roofless or who are in need of help to get their lives back on track and that is what Mr. Orbán does and he is not punishing them. But dear Sophie: Have you ever been in a metro station in Budapest? Than you can see with your own eyes how the stations are dirty because of your homeless friends. Take them in your villa! Sophie wrote ‘A European ID’, a book about her ideas: according to how the EU stands for’ pluralism, freedom, equality and solidarity ‘, (where are peace and prosperity Sophie? We were told that by your friends!) And she thinks that some other groups abuse Brussels ‘as a platform for their nationalistic, xenophobic, reactionary agenda. Sophie, wake up!
    Hungarian elections are all about Orbán, our guardian angel of Christianity. Merkel and Verhofstadt are critical. Orbán coined the term ‘illiberal democracy’ to describe his own government. Amongst others Merkel denounced this and bade him that a democracy that is not liberal cannot be called democracy. And she can know this as a former leader of the Freie Deutsche Jugend FDJ. Last weekend, the Belgian clown and MEP Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the Liberal ALDE Group in the European Parliament, also strongly opposed Mr. Orbán. The EPP – of which Orbáns party Fidesz is a part – should not wish him luck, but should appeal to his anti-semitism, says Verhofstadt. Orbán denounces the Jewish Hungarian billionaire George Soros. The popularity of Orbán does not suffer from criticism from European leaders. The criticism of European leaders does not alter the popularity of Orbán in his own country. According to a survey of 1.5 months ago, more than 50% of the Hungarian people is entitled to vote and support him. 2 Weeks back, when Hungary celebrated the national holiday in honor of the 1848 revolution year, tens of thousands of Hungarians took the streets to support Orbán’s election campaign. As so often Mr. Orbán spoke harshly about his opponents and about Satan Soros: ‘This election is about the choice between the democratic forces on the one hand and the international anti-democratic forces on the other’. Orbán about the elections: the biggest battle will begin now and with which he referred to the elections on 08.04.2018. The history of the vanquished is written by others, he paraphrased Napoleon. Young people in Western Europe will see that they become a minority in their own country. Orbán appealed to Hungarian youth: The homeland needs you. Hungarians, hoist the flag, and fight for Hungarian freedom! The prime minister also promised that after the elections he will take revenge on his political opponents. Yet not everyone in Hungary supports Orbán. Europe is now on march to the national museum and Orbán is a fierce opponent of the arrival of asylum seekers, especially from Islamic countries. According to Orbán, Hungarian citizens are also opposed to immigration: the prime minister believes that the people are not waiting for what they call ‘Islamic invaders’. He regularly praises his own government; He states that Hungary was the only European country to ask for advice from its citizens during the immigration crisis. And Mr. Orbán and his government are not standing alone in their battle with Brussels!

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