Bikás Park will be done soon, reports.

The center of Kelenföld was neither a colorful place so far, nor an ideal place to do sport, but Bikás Park became a pleasant green area with many sporting possibilities. The Park is known for its bull statues (bika means bull in Hungarian) and it has a metro station on Metro Line 4. Along with the building of the metro,  improving of the park also began. Now it has a dog running place, for large and small dogs separately, several sport courts and a modern outdoor tool. The runway has become very popular, it is as popular as the one in the Margaret Island.

But development has not finished yet. According to the plans, there will be a pond with aquatic plants and terraces, an ornamental garden presenting native plants, a playground, a café and skaters will have a separate section, says.

By the way, there are other developments in the district, such as the Imre Nyéki Swimming Pool, which wil have a new outdoor pool, a new outdoor fitness park will be in Gazdagrét. In short: park developments, expansion of green spaces, building new sport courts. Hopefully, other areas will take  it for example, says

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