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passport Hungary writes that the Passport Index 2017 ranking list was recently shared, according to which you can travel to 150 countries with the Hungarian passport, without visa. This makes it the 29th most valuable passport after, for example, Austria, Malta, Czech Republic and Iceland, but ranking better than Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland and Lithuania.

The Passport Index, prepared by Visual Capitalist, ranks the travel documents of 199 countries. The most important factor that is taken into consideration is the number of countries that one is allowed to enter without a visa. The passports that enable people to enter at least 150 countries usually get similar permission to other parts of the world easily.

The less powerful passports signify much more serious and complex safety measures when entering a new country. The most countries with mostly limited travel opportunities are found in Asia.

The global list is led by Germany, Singapore, Sweden and South Korea. Besides the Scandinavian countries, the European top 10 is ruled by Italy, France, Spain and the United Kingdom. The field is relatively balanced in this regard.


According to the index, you can enter 150 countries without a visa, if you happen to own a Hungarian passport. Our country is ranked in the 29th place after Austria, Malta, Czech Republic and Iceland, and before Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland and Lithuania. This result is a slight fallback compared to last year’s 27th place.

The last ones are Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan with 29, 26, 25 and 22 visa-free travel destinations.

The site is quite interesting, because you can explore the different passports by country, by region, by colour and by location on the map. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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