According to, Poroshenko finally confessed: “There is no place for nationalities in Ukraine” – Jobbik said and repeatedly called on the Hungarian government to firmly stand up for the language rights of the Hungarians in Kárpátalja.

In his communication, Istvan Szavay MP recalled that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stated at an award ceremony: There will be only the Ukrainian the state language in Ukraine. According to the text published on the presidential website, “the opinion of the society is unified”, and the citizens speaking various languages decided their children want to study in Ukrainian. According to the President, the reason of the decision was the Russian aggression.

Istvan Szavay explained: “Beyond that the statements of Poroshenko are lies; it is the epitome of cynicism that he named the chauvinistic national policy’s reason that conflict, whose one of the roots was the limitation of the language rights”.

According to the MP, the announcement unveils the real intentions of the “democratic Ukraine”, which is praised by the West. This intention is based the suppression and disenfranchisement of residents from other nationalities.

As he wrote, the Hungarians in Karpatalja are the unfortunate passive victims of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Jobbik says the free use of the mother tongue is the inalienable right of all ethnic communities, and the country which restricts it, cannot call itself a constitutional state, said.

“Jobbik calls for the Hungarian government for the umpteenth time to stand up for the language rights of the Hungarians in Karpatalja. We are telling the Kiev government: if the appreciation and the grant of basic rights for their residents from other nationalities like Russians, Hungarians, Poles and Romanians are excessive burden for them, they should let them go the way of the independent development. Then – but only then – a really one-language Ukraine can be.

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