The 15th of March is one of the greatest national holidays in Hungary. It represents democracy and freedom, and commemorates the Hungarian Revolution of 1848-49, which turned into a war of independence from the Habsburg rule. The day is celebrated throughout Hungary and we collected the main events that will take place in the capital city. writes that the day will start with the hoist of the national flag at Kossuth Square at 9 am, which will be followed by a festive procession to the National Museum with the lead of the Equestrian Unit, the Central Band and the Tradition Preserve Society of Cavalrymen. The route of the procession will be: Kossuth Square – Alkotmány Street – Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Road – Károly Boulevard – Astoria – Museum Boulevard.


A celebration starts at 10:30 am at the National Museum, which is naturally the central venue of the commemorations. This is where President Viktor Orbán will tell his festive speech. There’s going to be Hungarian actors, actresses, musicians performing at the gala. In accordance with traditions, the Kossuth and Széchenyi Prizes will be handed over by Viktor Orbán and János Áder in the cupola hall of the Parliament at 3 pm.

The Buda Castle will be waiting for visitors with colourful programmes during the whole day (10am – 6pm). There’s going to be a revolutionary whirl at the Military History Museum, kids’ programmes at the Fisherman’ Bastion, “time travel” in the cartulary and historical walks in the Castle Museum, and last but not least, fair whirl in the Street of Hungarian Flavours.

According to, the Museum of Literature will also offer special programmes to their visitors. Between 10am and 3pm anybody can try Landerer’s and Heckenast’s printing-machine, with which the revolution’s famous 12 points were printed. There’s also going to be hair braiding workshops with national ribbons, special exhibitions and a concert of Petőfi poems by Bob and Bobék Orchestra from 5pm and 8 pm.


Source: Daily News Hungary

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