Budapest, September 23 (MTI) – The Szeged county prosecutor’s office, in southern Hungary, initiated taking to court nine people for illegal border crossing on Tuesday, the office’s spokesman said.

Seven migrants entered Hungary from Serbia illegally at Kelebia, one at Asotthalom and one at Morahalom, Ferenc Szanka said. The seven migrants at Kelebia climbed over or slipped under the border fence, while the other two migrants crossed the fence at places where it had been damaged by others, he added.

Four of the suspects said they were Afghan nationals, another four said they were Syrians and one claimed to be Pakistani. All of them have been detained.

Since a state of crisis caused by mass migration was announced earlier this month, the Szeged prosecutor’s office has initiated accelerated proceedings against 157 people.

Photo: MTI


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  1. Well done Hungary they seem to be the only one’s who’ll stand up to them and keep them out

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