Brussels, September 23 (MTI) – The most important issue to be discussed at the special European Union summit is the protection of Greece’s borders, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said ahead of a meeting of EU leaders on Wednesday.

If Greece is not capable of protecting its own borders, then Europe must be enabled to do so, the prime minister said.

Orban told reporters in Brussels that if European leaders fail to agree on Greece, he will seek to garner support for Hungary’s implementation of the Schengen Agreement by sealing off its “green border” with Croatia.

If [EU leaders] do not support this move, then they should state loud and clear that Schengen is no longer a binding agreement and then we can open a corridor through which migrants can travel to Austria or Germany, Orban said.

Orban stressed the need to work together with Germany, which is in a difficult position.

The prime minister clarified that Hungary is not closing its borders, but rather sealing its “green borders”, and anyone intending to enter Hungary must do so legally through the legal border crossing points.

He said observing the Schengen Agreement and protecting the zone’s borders is not simply an “intention” but a legal obligation.

If Hungary does not follow the rules, then the European Union as a whole will be thrown into chaos. The EU’s rules should be observed and order restored, the prime minister insisted.

Photo: MTI


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