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“All for whom the future of Hungary and Europe counts” must turn up at the polls in the European parliamentary elections on Sunday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview published in daily Magyar Nemzet and local papers on Saturday.

“All that support migration will be there; let us be there, too!” Orbán said in his interview. He added that Hungary’s future weight in the European Union will be determined “by the decision of Hungarian voters on Sunday”.

“Migration is the most important issue for Europe’s future, whether we can preserve the continent’s cultural identity, its civilisation based on Christian foundations,” Orbán said, and added that “voters will be able to stop migration if they send anti-migration deputies to Brussels.”

“Brussels is making a very strong effort to change the whole of Europe,” Orbán said, and argued that “some politicians, parties, government, business circles, academic networks and centres think that Europe should leave Christian culture and the whole history of nationalism behind and set up a United States of Europe instead, an empire of mixed population in which neither Christian nor national identity means anything.” He added that those efforts have advocates in Hungary, too, “they are the ones that, following the Brussels example, seek to manage migration rather than stemming it”.

Orbán went on to say that Europe’s left wing “wants a mixed population” in Europe because “they seek to eliminate nations”, even though “Europe’s success is made by successful nation states”.

Concerning the Hungarian opposition, Orbán said “if Hungary had had a leftist government in recent years, our cities would look like some in Germany or France, with hundreds of thousands of migrants from Africa or the Middle East.” He said Hungary’s opposition politicians should “at last realise that the country’s having a very stable, patriotic and Christian government is not just an accident but comes from its cultural identity”. “This is the foundation, this is the Hungarian world, the goals and endeavours of which are embodied by its government of which I am the leader,” he insisted.

Orbán said that the values of his government such as “patriotism, respect for Europe’s Christian culture, supporting families, protecting jobs, striving for full employment, raising minimum wages and having security issues as a top priority on the agenda” are all in line with the interests of the Hungarian people.

The Hungarian opposition, however, is “pushing” such ideals as a United States of Europe, the gender ideology “aimed at changing the traditional relationship between man and woman”, the family as a variable unit, presenting the nation as a “cultural mistake”, migration as “nice and good”, Orbán said, adding that all those ideals are alien to the vast majority of society.

Orbán said that Europe’s leftist parties “have voted together with the pro-migration forces each time”. “Irrespective of what they say, the whole of the Hungarian opposition have sided with the pro-migration forces; rather than the Hungarian people, they represent Brussels where the drawers are full of plans to accelerate migration,” Orbán said.

Orbán insisted that such schemes as “migrant cards, migrant visas or billions of euros to support Soros’s pro-migration organisations” must be stopped and the funds spent on border control and family assistance.

On the subject of ruling Fidesz’s membership in the European People’s Party, Orbán said that “Fidesz will stay a member if that is in Hungary’s interest; it will all depend on the direction in which the EPP proceeds”.

Issues around migration have divided the EPP, Orbán said, adding that the role of prime ministers will grow as opposed to the parties, which is “markedly demonstrated by the strengthening of the Visegrád Group in which four prime ministers cooperate, all four belonging to four different party groups”.

Source: MTI

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  1. Truly wonderful to see the Nation stand up for its very worthy Prime Minister Viktor Orban !
    Well done Hungarian patriots !!

    John H.Morton.

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