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The pumi is one of the most famous Hungarian shepherd dogs and is part of our national heritage – just like the puli. The fluffy dogs are excellent escorts, sporting buddies and lovely mates on the whole.

According to pumiklub.eu, the history of pumis can be traced back to the 17th-18th century, when “they were born” from the combination of Hungarian shepherd dogs and German, French terrier like herding dogs. They were registered as a separate dog breed at the beginning of the 20th century.

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Pumis are small shepherd dogs with a lively temperament and playsome character. They are quite active, their steps are energetic, and their movement is snappy, dynamic. They walk around quite jauntily, but they can also speed up in no time.

Their fur is curly or wavy, dark, greyish or beige with grey spots.

They were originally bred for herding so that they can have a hold of hundreds of animals. The pumi is adventurously brave; hence it is also able to shepherd bigger animals. Moreover, they are “hard-working”, have a good sense of smell and are excellent guard dogs. They prefer the preventive technique, meaning that they inform their owners about every strange sound.

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They are teachable, smart and intelligent; they can even be trained for herding competitions, which is also a great way to fulfil their need for movement. Pumis stand their ground in dog sports, such as agility, frisbee etc. competitions which are quite popular abroad.

They usually attract attention with their intelligence, liveliness, opinion forming and delivering skill and go-ahead nature. Their whole figure reflects temperament and quick-to-act personality.

They love all family members, but only accept command from one owner. The relationship with humans is especially important for pumis, so it’s best to get them when they are only a few months old.

According to puli.ro, the tendency to dominate is powerful in the case of the pumi – they never give in to others. Therefore it’s not a smart idea to keep many of them in one place. However, they think of their owner as a god, for who they would do anything.

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He is a real Hungarian dog, who works accordingly to the saying: “the Hungarian justice is three”, if you show them something twice, they’ll know it for the third time. Also, the herding instinct is in their blood, so they will try to keep the family together when going hiking, for instance.

They are also popular abroad, which is easy to understand 🙂

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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