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Quotes about the Treaty of Trianon by famous non-Hungarian people

Quotes about the Treaty of Trianon by famous non-Hungarian people

The Treaty of Trianon was the peace agreement held on the 4th of June, 1920, which formally ended World War I between most of the Allies and the Kingdom of Hungary.  As a result, Hungary lost the 2/3 of its territory and people. Trianon is a much debated topic, but for now we collected what people outside of Hungary thought and said about the treaty.

Francesco Nitti, Prime Minister of Italy, September 1924:

“No country was perished more viciously in Trianon than Hungary. But this country is dwelled by spiritually strong people, who won’t be resigned to the demolition of their country. Hungary’s dismembering is so dishonourable that no one takes responsibility for it. Everybody acts like they don’t know about it, everybody is in coy silence. The reference to the right of nations’ self-determination is only an untrue formula… they misused their victory in the most vicious way… There’s no French, English or Italian who would accept the conditions forced to Hungary for their own nation…”

Herbert Henry Asquith, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for 8 years, 1925:

“This treaty is no work of statesmen, but the result of severe and fatal deceptions.”

Vladimir Iljic Lenin:

“The treaty was forced down their throat, but this is a usurious treaty, the treaty of murderers and butchers… unprecedented, predacious treaty… this is no treaty, these are conditions that scampsmen dictate with knives in their hands to unprotected victims.”

Lloyd George, Prime Minister of the U.K., in his speech on the 7th of October, 1929:

“The whole documentation that we received from our allies at the peace talk, was deceitful and untrue. We came to a decision on false principles”

Arthur Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of the U.K.:

“The result of the Treaty of Trianon in Europe is not peace, but the fear of another war.”


André Tardieu, Prime Minister of France for three cycles, in his book titled La paix:

“The reason why there couldn’t be a plebiscite held in Upper Hungary torn from the motherland is that in this case Czechoslovakia wouldn’t have been formed due to the non-content of the population”

Tomás Garrigue Masaryk, the first president of Czechoslovakia:

“We had to choose between the formation of Czechoslovakia or a plebiscite.”

Father Andrej Hlinka, the leader of the biggest Slovakian party, the Slovakian Populist Party, 4th of June, 1925:

“Let the memory of the Hungarian homeland flicker in our spirits as we never suffered so much under the thousand years of Hungarian rule than under the six years of Czech rule.”

Lord Viscount Rothermere, the publisher and editor in chief of Daily Mail, in his article ‘Hungary’s Place in the Sun’ on the 21st of June, 1927:

“I lost two sons in the war. They sacrificed their lives for noble ideas but not so that people would do so unjustly with a glorious nation. There won’t be peace in Europe until the cunning and insensible Treaty of Trianon is revised.”

Stanley Baldwin, Prime Minister of the U.K.:

“Europe stopped existing on the day of the Treaty of Trianon.”

trianon térkép

Lord Newton, member of the House of Lords, U.K.:

“Except for Romania, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, whole Europe starts to realize the injustices of the Treaty of Trianon. It’s high time to put Hungary’s fate to rights wisely and peacefully.”

Lord Sydeman, member of the House of Lords, U.K.:

“I was shocked by the fact that the only party, who wasn’t responsible for the World War, could have been treated so cruelly as the consequence of some kind of influence. Maybe the truth will once be revealed.”

Edgar Wallace, English writer:

“I am a firm believer of all actions that free Hungary from the unbearable burden of injustice that the country has to withstand.”

Pozzi, French specialist, who was present at the discussions:

“Pasic, Masaryk and Bratinau, but especially Wilson and Clemenceau played a game that will once be the shame of world history.”

“The politicians deciding about Europe’s fate knew as much about Hungary’s geography and history as a 10-year-old pupil whose access into the upper school is denied … Among them the president of the United States, Wilson, had the biggest prestige despite the fact that he frequently contradicted his own arguments, mixed Slovakians with Slovenians and showed clear signs of mental alienation. This sick Wilson was easily influenced by Masaryk…”

A Scandinavian reporter about Albert Apponyi’s speech defending Hungary:

“Apponyi talked with such rhetorical master-strokes, so lightly, elaborately and precisely in his two hour long speech in English, French and Italian that no one has ever done before in the world, that no parliament has ever heard. He defended his homeland with such touching words that many delegates couldn’t mask their emotions…”

Winston Churcill, Prime Minister of the U.K., in the House of Commons:

“Those who are not to reconsider the prejudice of Trianon are preparing a new European war.”


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  1. bbb

    who is writing this crap?!

    look, i am a “ppl” from outside today’s country and i have a typically austro-hungarian origins and i wanna tell you that not only my family lost almost everything from language/culture until origins and we’ve been assimilated, but what you doing now…

    i’ve lived in hu for some years now and beside lack of respect for the past/ lack of knowledge for what an empire means this is just a cheap dream.

    you guys (with no offence) have absolutely no idea what an empire means, that it’s formed maybe from hundreds of different nationalities, cultures, habits, languages and so one and that all of those have to collide under one body and soul. hu ppl are not enough educated for this and they will never be ready to accept/respect other territorial difference in anything.

    an empire is nice, but without the culture of it, acceptance of others ppl life you will never be able to bring back “the empire”, just oppression which was a lot in the past from you and history will always remember.

    this is why i’m amazed, even Jobbik speaks about this and what? you want Auschwitz back?! because this is how things look now.

    you can’t build an empire without the knowledge of an empire, without the education, tolerance, respect and what so ever. and keep in mind that this is coming from a formal of you, which was left behind/ outside the borders ignored for tens of years and when i finally went “home” i realized that the empire is just a powerful word with no meaning for hu ppl and that almost everybody hates the formal hungarians from outside today’s hungary borders.

    so this is getting really stupid, really…

  2. Ján Hradický

    Father Andrej Hlinka, the leader of the biggest Slovakian party, the Slovakian Populist Party, 4th of June, 1925: “Let the memory of the Hungarian homeland flicker in our spirits as we never suffered so much under the thousand years of Hungarian rule than under the six years of Czech rule.”

    Is there any source on this quote? Thank you.

  3. Long live Kaiser

    Well Trianon was maybe not right but Hungarians should realize that they were not majority in the country. they were only 30% population oppressing the rest and forcing them to learn their useless language to become majority /magyarization/. Mistake was Austria-Hungarian compromise which should never happen and pity was that that insane Serb still celebrated wit Serbs as hero assassinated Franz Ferdinand heir presumptive to the throne who knew that Magyars are just making monarchy weaker and wanted it to reform. Trianon treaty was just result of Hungarian policy and Hungarians can only by happy they survived as nation in the carpathian valley.

  4. Filip

    Hungary got what they deserved.

  5. Keep dreaming, keep dreaming....

    The Evil Empire has fallen, for good, and no war has happened because of this. There are just bunch of happy nations not living under hungarian terror anymore. Europe should celebrate this day!

  6. Keep dreaming, keep dreaming....

    The Evil Empire has fallen, for good and no war has happened because of this. There are just bunch of happy nations not living under hungarian terror anymore. Europe should celebrate this day!

  7. Brian

    Terror empire had to be destroyed, thank god. Majority of citizens were forced to mark themselves as hungarians. So the numbers you provide as pre-war numbers are out of reality. They were never so many hungarians. But only way how to get a job in public sphere or to get proper education was by accepting hungarian rule.

    But here is the question.
    What would hungarians do today if hungarian empire would be reunited?

    Would you accept to become a minority? Only from slovakia there would be 5 mil slovakians which would make you only 60 percent of population in the state. Not to mention other surrounding countries. In super state you would not make more then 25percent.

    Would you like that? I dont think so…

    Please wake up and dont make yourselves idiots anymore.

  8. Anonymous

    The comments here reinforce the hostile views from people that plague Hungary with uneducated backgrounds. If only people would spend a little time to understand and appreciate Hungarian history and culture and realize that Hungary had rites that were not observed over its long and tragic life.

  9. Joe Calve

    These commenters are a great representation of the nationalistic greed and stark lies that built up this reasoning for tearing up an 1100 years old entity. A country, not an empire as someone mentions it quickly adding that we are not educated enough for an empire. To further murk the picture and shed light on his/her confused mindset quickly attaches Auschwitz to this tirade as if we anything to do with it feeling hurt for steeling our country. ( Dear bbb Auschwitz is in Poland and was built and organized by Germans. What part of this is relevant to our country’s 1100 years history? Grow up already! ) This kind of nonsense prevails through all these ignorant comments. Evil Empire? Perhaps you could use that for the Austria-Hungarian Empire that was forced on us Hungarians, too by the Hapsburgs that we waged a war against ourselves. These “nationalities” (like Slovak, Romanian, Serb) mostly were the brainchild of the Austrian monarch who used them as a counterweight against the recurring efforts of the Hungarians to secede the empire and go on separate ways. These new-founded “nations” are nothing but thankful dogs that received some free meal from a wounded nation. It is not enough that Austria brought us into a war we never wanted or needed, to add insult to injury we ended up footing the bill for this carnage on our people. Nothing shows better the fear of having to return the stolen property one day by these new “nations” that it is illegal to use the Hungarian language on Hungarian territory under their rule.

  10. Alex Orban

    The “Population” of Any Country are not to blame for Oppression or ant other hardships…….But the ALMIGHTY leaders? ?

  11. Béla

    Long live Kaiser,
    you say nothing but lies, liar propaganda:
    In Hungary [without Croatia, but Croatia was always a separate Land of the Hungarian Holy Crown, Croatia was not part of Hungary] so in Hungary the percent of the Magyar ethnic was above 50%, not 30% in 1910. Please do not say lies! On the Hungarian territories annected by Romania (Transylvania, Partium, Easern Banat) the percent of Romanian ethnic was 56%. Now what is their percent??? -> The Romanian regimes fullfilled a big ethnic homogenization and epuration, and the actual constitution of Romania declares a homogenious national state (which is a shameful scandal, it’s like a Switzerland declared to be a homogenous national German state), but you lament about a „magyarization” of a few procents. Ridiculous. Do you know that in the Kingdom of Hungary before Trianon there were more Romanian schools than in Romania (Wallachia and Moldova)? Do you know that the „magyarization” consisted in a law to learn some courses in those Romanian schools from Hungary in Hungarian language TOO, NEXT TO the Romanian language? You say: »forcing them to learn their useless language«. This is ridiculous. I am repeating: On the Hungarian territories annected by Romania the percent of Romanian ethnic was 56%, and rest was forced to learn the Romanian language. But I suggest you: please place in the historical context! What kind of treatment had suffered IN THE SAME TIME the Irish nation under the British rule (they had forgot even their own celtic Irish language!), or please mention the fate of the ethnic minorities in France, for example the Provençal people end language, which disappeared. Please compare those „western democracies” with Hungary, and judge after that. Or do you know that in Dobruja annected by Romania the Romanians were in minority in the 19th centur?

  12. Anonymous

    If some of the contributors hate Hungary and Hungarians so much, why do they read a Hungarian news report? Stupid, ignorant and asinine comments do nothing but show how uneducated and full of hate you really are. Before commenting maybe read a few books about the topic.
    As for Brian, I have no idea what you are asking or stating.
    Filip, explain, Hungary got what it deserved. How does a country get what it deserves when it never wanted to go to war, yet has to sign a destructive treaty? How is it that you can not comprehend the quotes from famous leaders written above and that they could recognise the wrong done by the “deal makers” in 1919? Are you blinded by hatred? What did a Hungarian do to you personally that offends you so much?

  13. ZSBA

    Joe Calve, you’re god damn right… !

  14. gott erhalte franz den kaiser

    To Joe Calve and above:
    I do not see anything wrong in comment from bbb or Long live Kaiser. C&K Monarchy could maybe survive if reformed and Austrian part was willing to do so, not Hungarian. I really do not like saying that it was our ( as hungarians say country. Hungarians were minorities. People before lived in country with no problems that this were times when even hungarians kings could not speak hungarian and official language was latin. Problems started in 19.centrury with rising nationalism.
    Well maybe in the future people will be able to form some state where more different nationalities can live easy together and create working society like in the USA if not central europe will be always bloodfield.
    C&K monarchy paid it price to follow german politics and felt and only historicans can guess how 20 century would look like if it would survive and eventually reform.
    Hungarians are bit sad nation since they have no victories to celebrate, they remember only their defeats like Mohacs, Trianon, Arad, Villagos. Een siege of Eger so called an example of Hungarian heroism was fought mostly by foreign mercenaries and excuse me non hungarians as well. So please stop to cry about past and start to act way your neighbours will start to respect and admire you. You should actually be happy you as nation have survived in the carpathian valley.
    And do not get me wrong half of my grandparents were hungarians and I do like that country but this protests do not belong in 21st century 🙂

  15. Laszlo

    Brian! I understand your point. You however do not understand this peace agreement was not only about destroy an empire. A smaller cut could have been that case. What happened was much more….it was a crime against a folk.

  16. Luigi

    I like how 21st century internet warriors think they know better than contemporary statesmen what was going on. Austria may have been an empire but Hungary wasn’t. It was a country which suffered a lot throughout its history, many parts had been under occupation or foreign rule but its borders were always the same. Until Trianon when artificial countries raped its bleeding body.

  17. Luigi

    In France, everybody is marked French, dumbasses. Shall I mention Romania (“the nation state”) or Slovakia where the only language is the state language.

  18. Béla

    Re: ’gott erhalte franz den kaiser’:
    • »Hungarians are bit sad nation since they have no victories to celebrate«
    –> This is not true. Hungary was a a significant power in Europe for a HALF MILLENIUM (for a significant period), until the battle of Mohács, and this Hungary was the major force in the way of Tatar and Ottoman-Muslim invasion. This Hungary sacreficed many-many blood defending Europe, the UNGRATEFUL Europe.
    • Hungary was so powerful factor, that the Habsburg Austria was unable to compensate through long time the miss of the pre-Mohács Hungary in front of the Ottomans.
    • Every Habsburg Kaiser was also Hungarian King coronated with the Hungarian Holy Crown on Hungarian terrritory, except Joseph II. The continuity of the Kingdom of Hungary was NOT discontinued.
    • AND(!) if you visit in Austria the burial place of the Habsburgs, on the tombs of Maria Theresa, Franz Joseph, Queen Elisabeth, Otto Habsburg you will see NO Austrian cockades, BUT you will see Hungarian cockades!!! There is a big problem with the Austrian consciousness. See this article:

  19. Anonymous

    Attn Jan Hradicky, I just happened to read an interesting article about Andrej hlinka written by A Professor Rehak Titled Father Hlinka’s Secret Mission (1919) from Concordat Watch. It is a bit of an eye opener with regards to Slovakia and Hlinka’s intent to re-align an independent Slovakia with Hungary.

  20. jóska

    Csak az adatok hamisak, 20millióból 12milló ember veszítette el a hazáját-otthonát-vagyonát. A maradék 8millióból kb 7millió embert kisemmiztek.

  21. Döbröntei Balázs

    József Attila: Nem, Nem, Soha. Versét ajánlom ami a magyar könyvekből 80 évig ki volt törölve.

  22. Fab

    Being the majority of population in other state land is not condition to anexation of the land to another state. Even with the use of force.
    The hungarian people have the right to deny this outregeous treaty and remenber and never let the true be lost for history along.
    Anyway, hungarian people and nation are strong enought to face the fate of the treaty and the alleged “winners” of the same, that will live in infamy for all along.

  23. Got erhalte Franz den Kaiser

    stop crying. That kingdom could not survive. People did not wanted to live under Magyar rule and Kaiser who wanted to reform monarchy was killed. This is why Trianon happened. Borders could be done different since yes few Hungarians were left behind but it could be worse. but this is what happend. There can be new state in Central Europe but it will not be called kingdom of Hungary. This is history folks, please get over it. I really think is not appropriate to remember that day as biggest injustice to Hungarian people.

  24. Edward

    Got erhalte, what do you want Hungarians to do on June 4, break out the champagne and firecrackers and celebrate? Trianon happened because an old neutered curmudgeon of a man wanted to throw his empire into a war. Hungary didn’t want the war and Hungary’s representatives stated their opinion as to why. The has been Habsburgs did more to incite race wars in the empire, so much so, that enemies outside the border could not have done a better job destrying it.
    So why doesn’t Austria show some respect and return to Hungary the lands that Austria stole under the guise of the “treaty”.
    It is always easy to dismiss the wrongs of history when it doesn’t concern you or if you are not directly affected by the out come. The Kingdom could have survived providing the right people were in place. Maybe it would not have survived with the ancient borders, but it with a fairer representation of the cultures within the “new” borders.

  25. Hrom

    What are you writing about?? Hungary to year 1918 was not hungary like hungary in these years!! Hungary to year 1918 was multi national state called in slovak language “Uhorsko” where was hungarian people only about 30% of all people living there!! In now days, in Slovakia, is living only 8% hungarian people!! Do you know something called “Magyarization”??

  26. Tibor

    Terror Empire my ass, the Hungarian Empire was the greatest in Eastern Europe, and every tribe that joined knew that, that is why they joined. Western Europe wanted the east to fall so they cut the Empire into pieces, look at the good standing of Hungarians with Poland. Not to mention that Hungary was the buffer that kept the Turks out of Western Europe. All those that are opposed to this are weak egotistical idiots who knew nothing of the history of the empire. Hungary and its allied nations was the greatest threat to western Europe, and because they were divided, they were conquered. Divide and conquer as the Romans did, so look at eastern Europe today, weak against its western foes. All these mini countries equal Zero, to all the large Western countries, so enjoy your tiny countries as they have no power against the large western powers that prevail, Together we were strong, separate we are weak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Tibor

    hungary #1

  28. Anonymous

    Long live my beloved Hungary, blessed by God ??????

  29. Anonymous

    tom bar

    Hungary and Rijeka old frends.

  30. tom bar

    Hungary and Rijeka Fume old frends.

  31. Atilla the hungarian

    First of all, to the many disinformed people: Hungarians = Magyars. Hungary was NOT multicultural state. Why? Hungarians inherited their ancients’ legacy: the Carpathian Basin. This territory has natural borders by geology. This territory have magyar majority since our existants’ beginning.

    ONLY changed by the constant wars and massacres, because these wars kill the great percents of hungarians: tatars kill the half of population, the germans conquered the Vienna Basin from us, osmans burned our plains. Hungarians lived in plains where we can find fields. The mountains were unpopulated, only the saxons and some slavic villages existed in a very sparse number.
    Coherent territory of magyar in the end of Middles Age:
    This map show rightly that in north and east not lived hungairans because of mountains.

    The mountain nationalities (slavs and romanians) was defended by the great armies of enemy, therefore their population increased in the normal standards. Later (for that), the mountains were overpopulated and the plains abandoned. The Hungarian ethnic territory decreased!

    But we have faults also: 1. The Hungarian nobility want more farmer on their fields, but we lived on great territory with lower population density, so they imported slavs and vlachs from the otherside of the Carpathians. And that’s true, the noblemans always fewer than the workers. This also a cause of our number rates decreasing.
    2. The politics never thought that these unified territory became separated. JUST to the beginning of the 1900’s. It was too late, because austrians want a war with Serbia to occupy it to the monarchy. Hungary NEVER want this war because we feel it’s weight.
    But outrageous truth, the loser austrians still GOT territory from the Hungarian Kingdom. Moreover, they can’t rule it, because hungarian civilians keep Várvidék(Burgenland) on the side of Hungary!

  32. Atilla the hungarian

    I reserve the right that i never learned the english language, so the complain what i’ve got for this, i didn’t accept and i consider this fake-argument.

  33. L. Szentivanyi

    It is sad when someone does not know the basic history of their nation. Hunns (came to Europe in 3-4th cent.) are NOT Magyar (came to Europe in 9-10th cent.) Hunns were assimilated or killed by Magyars (The Pope ordered to King Stephan/Istvan to kill Paganish Hunns).
    And about the Szentivanyi-family-their ancestors were not Magyar, not Hunn, not Slovak, they were Bohemian (Bogomer, Hauk, Polko,…)

  34. tom bar

    Rijeka-Fiume is correct.


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