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Radio and Television History Exhibition Opens

Radio and Television History Exhibition Opens

Budapest (MTI) – Radio and Television History Exhibition has opened in the Pollack Mihaly Square on this week, which was made interactive by digital tools.

Laszlo Zsolt Szabo, CEO of the Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund (MTVA) said at the opening ceremony: the visitors can learn about the essence behind the objects shown in the exhibition of the public media’s history with the help of photos, audios and motion pictures, and they can try television and radio in the studio.

In the building of the exhibition hall, there is Samsung Smart School with the latest technology, where digital trainings and workshops will be held for students. The pupils will be able to browse the attractions of the Hungarian literature and history in the ‘smart school rooms’.

Laszlo Zsolt Szabo said: they wanted to make more the former technological history exhibition, so that visitors can learn about what the exhibits broadcast. They also considered important in the renewal of the exhibition that visiting students can get real experience, MTI said.


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‘Their usual way, holding tablets in their hands and using QR codes, they can not only view the objects, but they are able to follow audio and moving image materials in the tablets’ – Szabo said. He added that those who are interested will have the opportunity to try inter alia the wind machine, and materials made in the studios can be taken home.

Judit Czunyi Bertalan, Secretary of State for Public Raising said: children are using IT-products routinely and they learn with them, collecting information from the Internet.

‘It is the school’s mission to provide students to use this information consciously, organized, strengthening or expanding the school contents’ – she added. The Secretary of State stressed that such a historical exhibition and smart classroom can greatly contribute to the acquisition of information, and the historical reality can be much easier transferred than in the school.

According to MTI, Istvan Facsko, president of Samsung Electronics Co. Hungarian Ltd. said they would like to make learning easier by digital items. He reminded that they signed a co-operation agreement with MTVA last summer and they decided they would make a smart classroom in Budapest too, model of the one in Jaszfenyszaru. As he said, they ‘conjured’ a working interactive whiteboard and provided Samsung software, which can help students learning.

based on the article of MTI
translated by BA

Photo: MTI


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