Raid on scientologists - Dozens of new locations searched
Budapest, 2017. október 18. Rendõrök a Magyarországi Szcientológia Egyház budapesti, Váci úti központjánál 2017. október 18-án, ahol házkutatást tartanak a Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda munkatársai. MTI Fotó: Mihádák Zoltán

About thirty locations have been perquisitioned in connection with the action concerning the scientologist centre in Budapest on Wednesday. Besides policemen, people of NAV (National Tax and Customs office) also appeared on Váci street during the day – reports

We are informed that, only in the XIII. district headquarter building, there were three or four so-called “interrogation rooms”, and a device similar to a lie detector might have been used during the questioning of the members. According to the information we have so far,

notes were kept about the believers, their data was recorded and stored, and presumably some of them were even under observation.

As we know, investigators confiscated documents concerning the case, and have taken carton boxes and pallets from the venue.

Police started the inquiry in Váci street on Wednesday morning. Starting from Szobor street, they closed an area of about 50 metres with cordons. The venue was pestered by police cars, with standbys at the entrance – the blockade lasted for at least 12 hours.

Raid on scientologists - Dozens of new locations searched
Photo: MTI

The National Police Headquarters informed in the morning that

Standby Police National Bureau of Investigation (KR NNI) conducts investigation against an unknown suspect because of personal data misuse and other suspicions of crime. In the course of the investigation, the staff of KR NNI will  search the center of the Church of Scientology in Budapest on 18 October 2017.

As we wrote before, the police have arrested a drug dealer in Budapest in September (video HERE). The 23-year-old man has been selling drugs on a daily basis in Budapest, which the police have found out.

Photo: MTI


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