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In the summer of 2015, Diane, who is a 26-year-old French woman, arrived with her fiancé in Budapest. After visiting some bars in the party district of the capital, she suddenly lost sight of her partner and could not find him. Four men noticed her, made her get into a Mercedes minibus and drove to Népliget where she became the victim of sexual assault.

Hungarians’ views on sexual harassment – Survey reported that the four Transylvanian men arrived to the court accompanied by almost thirty people, but only the closest family members could witness the trial. András M., who sexually assaulted the woman, denied every accusation and added that they did not force the woman to get into the minibus.

They left the woman half-naked in Népliget where a Norwegian cyclist found her. Diane was unconscious, and the man thought she was dead. He ran out to Üllői Road to get help, then ran back to the woman to check her when suddenly he saw a man on the ground in grey clothes with his trousers off. The Norwegian man started to shout at him when the other one pulled his pants up and ran away. He has not been found.

Diane found herself in a hospital remembering nothing from the previous night. She was told by the doctors that she had become the victim of sexual assault. Diane added that she had drunk wine, pálinka and several cocktails that night which made her pass out for long hours.

The woman was crying when she told the judge that, since the case, she completely collapsed mentally and needs psychological help. She and her fiancé did not want anything but to have fun in the party district. While questioning her, she could not remember the names of the bars they visited. The police examined many security camera tapes when they found out that the woman kissed a homeless man on the street and got into the Mercedes minibus afterwards. After identifying the Mercedes’s license plate number, the authorities found the owners: Richárd Béla B., András M., János G. and Szabolcs E. Sz.

Doctors examined Diane carefully and stated that she was raped, as they found evidence by using the men’s DNA.

The court sentenced János G. to two years in prison, while András M. was sentenced to four years. Béla B. got three and Szabolcs E. Sz. two and a half years.

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