The BuzzFeed website made American youth taste typical beverages of several nations. Italians represented themselves with two alcoholic drinks: the one was the artichoke liqueur and the other one was the ferne which contains 40 different herbs. The Americans tasted, among others, the Chinese pajcsiu, the Turkish raki, the Swedish schnapps and the Hungarian pálinka as well – reported.

The selected persons who tasted these drinks were honest and outspoken young people who did not like many of the tasted alcohols. However, they were definitely freaked out while tasting our typical “pálinka”.  Not only do the two girls find it especially strong and intense, but they almost chocked during drinking. However, they noted funnily that it was not so bad for the second time.

– Hmm, it looks pretty good – said the girl looking at the bottle.
– The label isn’t written in English, so it does not help… – noted the boy trying to read the text.
– It smells like a sweet wine! – tells the woman before tasting it, then her friend asks while she was chocking and yelling – Oh, my God, what is it?
– It’s awful.
– Horrible.
– But, if I think it over… The second time will be much better! – assumed then she tried it again and started choking again – No, it’s not better…
– Why? Why did you Hungarians do this to us? – asks the girl clearing her throat at the end of the video. That girl thinks that the smell of the pálinka is similar to sweet wine. website also noted that they would be curious about what these American young people say about Hungarian home-made pálinka – which is even stronger and contains more alcohol than the purchased ones…

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translated by Valentina Leanyfalvi

Photo: YouTube


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