Marina short film

90 years after her great-grandparents left Hungary towards Brazil, Marina visits her ancestors beloved land. With a story to tell, but without having a family our friends to hear it, Marina decided to write a letter to the country, to all Hungarians. “A letter to Hungary” tells a story about the pride and love for a land, but also about perseverance and acceptance. The story of a strong woman, who had to leave everything behind towards the unknown, searching for a better future for her family.

From time to time, we like to share the stories of our readers. This week we received a beautiful, touching short film from Marina, who came to Hungary to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the migration of her great-grandparents from Hungary to Brazil.

Marina short film

And she decided to make a short film with a story from her great-grandmother.

Since she does not have anybody left in Hungary, she decided to write a letter to the country. And we are happy to help her in spreading the word and make this video/short-film to reach as many people as possible.
Marina short film
The video is a tribute to the memory of her ancestors. Especially her grandfather, who came with her great-grandparents as a child.
He was a great friend and they were really close.


A letter to Hungary (Egy levél Magyarországnak) from Não Viaja, Marina on Vimeo.

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Source: Marina Kolya

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