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Hungarian restaurant owners are fed up with lockdown, so many of them announced that they would reopen their places on February 1. They say that they had to close three months ago, but now they are on the edge of bankruptcy. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel Róbert Kiss, member of the operative body, said that those who do not accept the rules would be fined, together with their guests.

According to index.hu, a group of restaurant owners decided to organise a demonstration if the government does not lift the lockdown. They say that if they do not act, they will not have a job.

Imre Csernus, a famous Hungarian psychiatrist who owns a café and restaurant, also supports the movement because caterers will go bankrupt if nothing changes. He added that even though restaurant owners are aware of the dangers of the virus, they are now more concerned

for their future living and the crisis currently affecting their bars, shops, and restaurants.

Mr Csernus added that it is hard to understand why he cannot welcome 20-30 people keeping a safe distance from one another in his café, while he can go to buy bread, during which he can meet 200 people in the supermarket. “This is a paradox caterers are accepting harder and harder,” he said. 

A peaceful consensus would be crucial because both the state and the tourism sector are in trouble. The budget deficit increased significantly because of the sector’s closure, and people working in it do not see how they will be able to provide food for their families. If people fall into depression, that will affect their immune system badly, which, in the current situation, can cause severe problems, said the psychiatrist.

The anti-lockdown movement began in Italy and swept through Europe in the last few weeks. In Poland, for example, there is already an application showing which shops, restaurant, fitness centres, or hairdressers are open. 

On Friday, Központ, a restaurant in the downtown of Budapest, opened, but police showed up hours later, closed the place for 60 days, and fined its owners for HUF 500,000 (EUR 1,400),

24.hu reported. The owner of the restaurant said that they opened using their last financial resources. Customers could come to take food away, they let only four people inside, coordinated the queue to help people keep the 1.5-metre distance, and warned them to wear a face mask. However, the police arrived and sent their guests away.

In Nagykanizsa, the owner of a local bar announced that he would open his place on February 1 despite the lockdown, 444.hu reported. He added that the government does not help, and they would like to survive.

Source: 24.hu, 444.hu, index.hu

  1. JUST DO IT !! They want you to bankrupt so they can then buy your for very cheap once you are dead, this is the plan all over Europe!

  2. Does this exemplify that Hungary, the “fracture” is worsening deepening through the continuing journey of this novel coronavirus ?
    Is this article dominated or manipulated to embarrass or demean our Governments handling of this novel coronavirus ?
    Please may the answer not be Yes to these (2) two questions.
    This novel coronavirus is a Battle of Attitudes as well as a Health Measure.
    Hungary must remain United, and if that means, which I would say is Fact beyond reasonable doubt, that the Government have to dig deeper into there pocket, to support ALL sectors of the Hungary – then they Must.
    ” Calls for Standard COVID measures across the European Union.”
    Angela Merkel – Chancellor of Germany, in past days spoke these compelling words of advice :
    “Epidemiologically the European Union is one region” she said, calling for equivalent measures to fight the Virus across the bloc.
    The World Health Organization has estimated that 70% of a population needs to be vaccinated to achieve Herd Immunization.
    This pandemic Merkel stated is the Disaster of the Century.
    She also addressed concerns about the international inequality of vaccine distribution access across the World, saying that International co-operation will be the KEY to ending the pandemic.
    Merkel speaks and advises putting forward the vaccine availability and the importance of vaccination – that totally supports the World Health Organization position to achieve Herd Immunity.
    Herd Immunity the building of the Human Barrier – to Control and over a longer time period Defeat this novel coronavirus.
    Merkel in her comments put all “on notice” sending a very clear message, the danger of the mutations of the virus adding, that the genome sequencing of New Variants of the novel coronavirus – needs Discussion, within the European Union.
    Merkel never must it be forgotten her Academic Qualifications – in a message she speaks to me is saying :
    Immunization, the herd immunity that is needed, that this is not the end of this “Disaster of the Century” not even the Beginning of the end, but it is perhaps, the end of the Beginning of the Greatest Humanitarian Disaster of this Century.
    Hold it together Hungary – illuminate fragmentation and fracturing growing divisions within the structures of society, but work on communicate on remaining United.
    Hungary to go outside “the bloc” on the use of other vaccines produced in China and Russia – DANGEROUS in all forms of citizen Unity and Health.

  3. So cool they will open. The psychopaths in the government want businesses to go bankrupt so they can own everything and reintroduce a communist like system. We need to stand against this disgusting plan.

  4. So cool they will open. The psychopaths in the government want businesses to go bankrupt so they can own everything and reintroduce a communist like system. We need to stand against this disgusting plan.

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