Another 56 metres long CAF prototyped tram arrived in the Hungarian capital a few days ago. The vehicle is scheduled to transport passengers from this autumn on Line 1.

The new type of tram is capable of transporting 345 passengers and has 81 seats – reports Világgazdaság. BKK bought this new type of vehicle as to the part of the ongoing tram and trolley bus project to extend the number of modern vehicles in the capital. BKK also reported that the availability for buying new types of trams is because the European Union provided financial support for Hungary.

tram, new, Budapest, Hungary

From an approximate 17 billion HUF (50 million EUR) another five 56 metres long trams will arrive and an additional twenty-one 34 metres long vehicles.

Budapest, tram, Hungary

All of these new traditionally yellow trams will transport passengers on the reconstructed tram line 1 which has been extended to Kelenföld Railway Station. All of these vehicles are low-floored with air conditioning and a security camera system.

BKK added that due to new technology these CAF trams are energy-safe vehicles and protect the environment.

Hungary, tram, Budapest
Hungary, Budapest, tram

This is not the only tram related project going on in Hungary. Daily News Hungary reported before that another investment includes installing a tram line on the brand-new Danube Bridge in the future. The new 2×3-laned bridge over the Danube will connect Galvani Street and Illatos Road, and a tramway will also get a place on it. Its design will make it “unique and elegant, and at the same time dynamic and powerful.” 

Another great success regarding trams is that Hungary officially owns the most beautiful tram in Europe. Hungarian town Miskolc’s (Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County) Tatra 202-type tram successfully kept the title of Europe’s most beautiful Advent tram. The competition started on the 13th of December in 2018, organised by the Czech MHD86 online portal, and for twenty days, seventeen trams from eight countries were expecting votes to win the unique title.

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