According to, the 5.3km-long Margaret Island running circuit has been renewed, the runners have also taken it into use – Mayor’s Office said.

The track was worn over the years; some sections were heavily damaged by the 2013 flood, so the complete reconstruction was necessary.

The track has been renewed on a 5.3km-long section. Plastic cover was poured onto the asphalt substructure on the spot. A surveillance system will also be constructed for the whole circuit. During the works, 72 cable-pulling pits and 27 columns holding cameras were made, on which cameras will be installed for the safety of the runners.

The track structure is similar to the runway track of Puskar Ferenc Stadium, so it is appropriate of the standards of the International Association of Athletics as well. 2200 sq m of pavement has been built in the immediate vicinity of the runway track. Next to the runway track, there is 1900 sq m of sidewalk.

The Budapest Assembly earmarked HUF 380 million for the reconstruction works. The developer Global Sports Kft. assumed 60 months of warranty.

The handover took place, the project has been completed, the runway track finished in good quality, according to the plans. The completed runway track is used by more than a thousand people every day, the runners have gave only positive opinions about the track since they use it.

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