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According to forbes.hu, Hilton Budapest was expanded with a ballroom and a conference hall in the third stage of the renovation that started in 2015. Moreover, huge luxury suits were created by tearing down some walls. The whole renovation process is expected to be finished next year.

The iconic hotel of the Danubius Hotels Group is being revamped from 10 billion forints (~EUR 32m), the latest stage costing 3.5 billion forints (~EUR 11 m) in itself. In the first part of the construction the lobby area and the panorama lift sunk in the rock of the Buda Hills were performed. Then, 2/3 of the already existing rooms – 229 out of the 322 – were renovated. Now, the ballroom and the conference hall are also done. The renovation of the 5 star Hilton started in 2015 and is expected to be finished in the April of 2018.

The renewed ballroom is 510 m2 big, it can fit 600 people and it was equipped with everything that might be needed at an event. However, the marble wall decorations were left in their original condition, while the carved walls were repainted with a slightly darker colour. Several details and accessories, like the nine chandeliers of the ballroom were made by Hungarian industrial artists.

Photo: www.facebook.com/HiltonBudapest

Besides the ballroom, three alliable conference halls (Endre, Béla, Levente), a separate conference hall (Gizella) and four boardrooms were renovated. The renovation works are being executed by the English Goddard & Littlefair interior decoration office, who are also responsible for keeping the old and new building parts unified.

At the inauguration of the ballroom, Balázs Kovács, the executive director of Danubius Inc. said that the hotel is also being renewed on the inside. “Hilton is a sweet-sounding brand name, which is known and admired all over the world, but we seek more. We have to fill the magical exterior with perfect content”.

Photo: www.facebook.com/HiltonBudapest

Hilton Budapest’s kitchen offers a unique menu made from seasonal ingredients for conferences and balls. For instance, the Hungarian grey cattle and mangalica ham comes from Dezső Szomor’s eco-friendly and biodynamic farm, the duck and chicken are provided by Gastropolitan, the fish are provided by Fishmarket, while the Bükki Cheese Manufacture and André Products are responsible for homemade cheese.

A few walls had to be torn down and replaced for the newly renovated suits. This is how the 68 m2 King Loft Suite, the 70 m2 King Danube River Suite and the 55 m2 King Junior Danube Suit were created. The latter ones are located in the corner of the building and have a view of the Danube and the Matthias Church.

Featured image: www.facebook.com/HiltonBudapest

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