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The two new blocks to be constructed for Hungary’s sole nuclear power plant at Paks will meet the highest safety standards, a senior official of Russia‘s energy company Rosatom told a conference in Budapest on Monday.

The blocks will be up to the rigorous safety standards specified after the Fukushima disaster, Kirill Komarov, the first deputy CEO of the company that is the contractor for the Paks upgrade project, told the conference entitled “Atomex-Europe”.

Rosatom has never offered projects that had not been implemented in Russia before to its foreign partners, he said.

Concerning the upgrade of the Paks plant, he noted that 40 percent of the suppliers would be selected from among Hungarian companies via public procurement, in a transparent way.

Addressing the conference, János Süli, the minister in charge of the project, said that

the preparatory work would begin in 2018 and the construction itself in 2020.

Hungary signed the agreement on the construction of the two blocks by Rosatom in January 2014. Russia is lending Hungary 10 billion euros to cover 80 percent of the project’s costs.

Source: MTI

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