Salah Abdeslam, one of the organizers and participants of last month’s Paris attacks, could meet two men in Hungary, who were just returning from Syria, and who later blew themselves in the suicide bombings – RTL Belgium wrote on website on Wednesday. knows there was a talk about it in the national security committee of the Parliament.

Abdeslam could visit Hungary in September with a car rented in Belgium, where he could pick up the two people coming from Syria, who later participated in the attacks.

Allegedly, Abdeslam and his two companions were registered by the Austrian authorities while coming from Hungary on September 9th. However, the latter’s identities could not be established accurately.

According to’s sources, counterterrorism reported similar information to the national security committee of the Parliament. At the closed meeting held in November, it was reportedly talked about that Abdeslam was even recognized at the Keleti railway station, too.

Abdeslam has frequently used a rental car with a Belgian license plate in Europe – the Belgian website wrote, referring to investigative sources. On August 4th, his car was checked in Greece, and he probably boarded the ship going to Bari, Italy. Then he was not alone, either: Ahmed Dhamani, who is of Moroccan descent (and Belgian citizen) sat in the car. The Paris bombings lead to him as well. He was caught in Turkey on November 20th – the article’s author noted, referring to police sources.

Salah Abdeslam’s travels across Europe indicate that the young man could perform organizing tasks in the preparation and perpetration of the attacks. This statement is also confirmed by that he rented the two cars used for the Paris attacks, and he also provided accommodation for the attackers in Paris – the Belgian author wrote.

Belgium issued an international arrest warrant against the Brussels-born Abdeslam, who is still a fugitive. Among the two brothers of the young man – who is described as the number one public enemy by the Belgian police – Ibrahim blew himself up as a suicide bomber in the Bataclan concert hall, and the other, Mohamed has been detained  in the district of Brussels called Molenbeek-Saint-Jean at the weekend that followed the terror series.

French news agency AFP states Salah Abdeslam could return to Syria, but authorities have not confirmed that– MTI recalled RTL Belgium.

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